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3M sandpaper is one of the best flooring sandpapers on the market today. 3M is set apart from the competition because of the minerals used in its products. When you use 3M sandpaper you can predict the scratch pattern. The Regalite sandpaper utilizes a mixture of aluminum ceramic making it a great sandpaper for removing the old finish. Regalite paper is known for its long life as well. Regalite belts from 3M last a long time, wearing much slower than the competitors. The Regalite edger discs are a long-lasting easy-to-use edger disc.

Typically this paper on belts does not wear out very fast on belts and can go extremely long. The edger discs are great and usually can rip right through coatings and not be changed out too often. We find that the 3M sandpaper typically works well on all floor finishes and all types of wood. The other great part is, you know it is Regalite if it is purple!

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3M Sandpaper Discs

The 3M Disc sandpaper is meant for edgers, orbitals, and planetary sanders. The 3M discs have a thick backing, ensuring consistent sanding and long-lasting use. The 3M sandpaper discs come in various sizes, including 5″, 6″, 7″, and 8″. The 3M sandpaper discs come with Regalite minerals and are great for sanding. In addition, these discs are ideal for cutting a floor fast with great lasting power.

3M Buffer Discs

3M sandpaper comes in buffer discs. The 3M sandpaper for buffers comes in 16″ sizes. Buffers are an excellent sanding option for flooring contractors and are regularly found in contractors’ trucks and trailers. We offer a comprehensive lineup of 3m Buffer Sandpaper. The 3M lineup works for sanding hardwood flooring, applying stains, and inter-coat abrasion, and even has materials designed for cleaning.

3M Sandpaper Belts

3M Regalite Sanding Belts come in various widths and lengths for different sanders. 3M offers 8″, 10″, and 12″ paper to cover multiple machines. 3M belt sandpaper is long-lasting, offers excellent cutting power, and is a contractor favorite. Look for the signature purple color when choosing quality belts.

3M History

3M abrasives company was started in 1905 in Duluth, Minnesota.   Later, the company moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the last 100 years, 3M has expanded its market and is now a Fortune 100 company.

During World War I, 3m created Tree-M-Ite. The Tree-M-Ite sandpaper has a massive booster for profits and helped revolutionize the sandpaper industry. The Tree-M-Ite sandpaper from 3M has a thick cloth backing, and this packing is still used today. In 2002 3M revolutionized the market again with the introduction of Regalite sanding paper. The Regalite sanding paper became a staple in the 3M sandpaper portfolio and is still a staple today.

3M sells in more than 200 companies with corporate operations in more than 70 countries. 3M has focused on innovation, and the industry needs helping to make them wildly successful. 3M is a fixture on the Fortune 500 list because of its ability to innovate and keep up with the needs of different industries. Looking at 3M’s sales, more than one-third are from products created in the last five years; innovation is paving the way for this company.

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