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Norton is a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring sandpaper and abrasives, offering a comprehensive range of products for professionals in the industry. Known for its innovation and high-quality products, Norton is a favorite among hardwood flooring professionals, with 7 out of 10 professionals preferring Norton sandpaper.

The company’s dedicated line of hardwood flooring sandpaper is widely recognized for its durability and effectiveness and is made with top-quality minerals to ensure the best results. Whether you’re in need of a specific paper size or a complete range of abrasives, Norton has you covered with its extensive selection of hardwood flooring sandpaper and abrasives. If you want to ensure a smooth, flawless finish on your hardwood flooring projects, consider using Norton’s reliable and trusted products.

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Norton Sandpaper Discs

Norton’s range of sandpaper discs are designed for use on wood flooring surfaces and come in various sizes to fit different sanding machines. The Red Heat discs are known for their versatility and are suitable for both rough and fine sanding, while the Blaze and Blaze+ discs are designed for more aggressive sanding. Norton’s sandpaper discs are made with high-quality minerals that provide excellent performance and longevity. They are a popular choice among hardwood flooring professionals due to their effectiveness and reliability.

Norton Sandpaper Sanding Belts

Norton is a leading manufacturer of sandpaper and abrasives, known for their high quality products that meet the needs of hardwood flooring professionals. With a wide range of sizes and minerals available, Norton offers sanding discs, belts, and other abrasive products that are suitable for various applications. Their Red Heat and Blaze/Blaze+ belts are especially popular among hardwood flooring contractors, as they are known to last long, cut effectively, and provide a smooth, flat finish. Overall, Norton is a reliable choice for hardwood flooring sandpaper and abrasives, trusted by many professionals in the industry.

Norton Sandpaper Drum Sander Rolls

Norton is a well-respected brand in the wood flooring industry, known for their high-quality sandpaper and abrasives. They offer a wide range of sizes and minerals to meet the needs of different projects and applications. Their Red Heat and Blaze/Blaze+ discs, belts, and rolls are particularly popular among wood flooring professionals for their durability and performance. It’s important to ensure you choose the right size roll for your sander, as 8″ rolls are typically used for residential single phase sanders while 12″ rolls are used for 3 phase gym floor sanders. These gym rolls are normally 50yd or 25 yd long. Norton sandpaper is a reliable choice for any wood flooring project.

Norton Sandpaper PSA Rolls

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) rolls are a type of sandpaper that comes in rolls and is designed for use on wood flooring. These rolls have an adhesive backing that allows them to be attached to a sander or other tool without the need for clips or other fasteners. PSA rolls are popular for use in inter-coat abrasion, which is the process of roughing up the surface of a sealer coat in preparation for the next coat of finish. They are also a cost-effective option for abrading both oil-based polyurethane and waterborne sealers.

Different Norton Sandpaper Types

Norton Red Heat Sandpaper is known for its fine scratch, thanks to its Seeded Gel Ceramic grain. This grain breaks down over time like other sandpaper, but it remains sharp for a longer time and produces a more durable scratch.

Norton Blaze is a ceramic mineral that offers an aggressive cut, making it ideal for removing large amounts of material. While it may not produce the finest scratch pattern, it is highly effective for heavy sanding tasks.

Norton BlueFire Sandpaper is an older technology that has been replaced by newer, more advanced minerals. It is known for producing random scratch patterns and may not be as effective as newer options.

Norton Neon is a silicon carbide sandpaper that has been replaced by newer synthetic minerals. It is known for wearing quickly and not cutting as effectively as other options, making it a less desirable choice for many professionals.

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Norton Company History

Norton is a leading brand in the sandpaper industry, with a strong reputation and a focus on innovation. As part of the Saint-Gobain brand, Norton has over 2,200 employees working in 8 facilities.

The company was founded in 1885 by John Jeppson and Milton Higgins and is known for its wide range of sandpaper products for various trades, including hardwood flooring.

Norton is committed to continuous improvement, with a focus on reducing costs, eliminating dust and noise, and creating more ergonomic products for better comfort and biomechanics. In the hardwood flooring industry, Norton is particularly well-known for its Red Heat and Blaze sandpaper and abrasives.

Norton Sandpaper is part of the Saint-Gboian brand and is a leader in the san paper industry. Norton makes sandpaper for a variety of different trades and is well known for their hardwood flooring sandpaper. Norton has more than 2,200 employees that work in their 8 facilities. The whole Norton brand started in 1885 with John Jeppson and Milton Higgins.

Norton is big on innovation and is always looking for ways to improve their product by reducing costs, eliminating dust and noise, and focuses on making more ergonomic products for better biomechanics and comfort.

The brand reconition of Norton is very strong and has some of the widely known brands name in hardwood flooring such as red heat & blaze sandpaper/abrasives.