bona logoBona has firmly established itself as the premier flooring company, particularly renowned for its expertise in unfinished hardwood flooring. The brand’s extensive product lineup caters specifically to the unique needs of hardwood flooring projects, offering a comprehensive array of solutions that have garnered widespread acclaim. What sets Bona apart is its commitment to providing a holistic experience for flooring projects, offering everything from the initial stages to the final touches, all under one trusted name.

Embarking on a hardwood flooring project with Bona means embracing a streamlined and efficient process. The brand has meticulously crafted each product to seamlessly complement the others, ensuring a harmonious workflow. From preparatory stages to the final finishing touches, Bona’s product range covers it all. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike appreciate not only the convenience of having a one-stop solution but also the consistent excellence that characterizes Bona’s offerings.

Today, Bona’s comprehensive product lineup stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. Each product is designed not only for optimal performance but also for ease of use, making hardwood flooring projects not just successful but also enjoyable. Bona has truly become synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of unfinished hardwood flooring, offering a range that consistently delivers outstanding results and elevates the overall aesthetic of any space.

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Bona Sealers

Bona offers a selection of five waterborne or water-based sealers, each designed to cater to different tones, ranging from the lightest to the darkest. This variety allows users to establish a foundational base for the subsequent application of Bona finishes. It’s important to note that while these sealers offer versatility, the lightest and darkest options may pose challenges during application, especially for those less experienced with tinted finishes. Among the commonly used sealers, Bona ClassicSeal and IntenseSeal stand out as popular choices for achieving desired results in hardwood floor projects.

Bona 1 Component Finishes

Bona presents a diverse collection of one-component flooring finishes that stand out as contractor-grade options, suitable for both light commercial traffic and residential applications. These finishes, characterized by their simplicity and ease of use, offer a range of choices to cater to various preferences. While the durability of one-component finishes may be somewhat less compared to their two-component counterparts, they still prove highly effective, delivering reliable performance and resilience in practical applications.

Bona 2 Component Finishes

In the realm of waterbased or waterborne flooring finishes, two-component formulations reign supreme when it comes to durability. Leveraging an accelerator and hardener, these finishes maximize their potential for longevity and robustness. Bona’s two-component flooring finishes are specifically rated for application in commercial settings, providing a level of resilience suitable for high-traffic environments. Whether applied with a t-bar or rolled on, both methods yield a visually appealing finish, ensuring optimal coverage rates.

Bona Gym Finish – Oil-Based

Renowned courts favor Bona Gym Flooring Oil for its exceptional qualities. This oil-modified polyurethane by Bona is renowned for its durability, with various VOC options to comply with diverse state regulations. Bona Gym Oil boasts a high gloss, excellent grip, and ease of application, making it a preferred choice. Additionally, the remarkable build of Bona’s oil-modified poly ensures a superior finish on gym floors.

Bona Gym Finish – Water-based

Bona Waterbased Gym Finish stands as a top-tier solution for gym flooring, delivering outstanding performance and durability. This waterborne finish is formulated to meet the rigorous demands of high-traffic areas, providing excellent resistance against wear and abrasion. Known for its quick drying time and ease of application, Bona Waterbased Gym Finish offers a clear and vibrant appearance that enhances the natural beauty of wood while meeting stringent environmental standards. Trust in the reliability of Bona for a gym finish that not only delivers exceptional results but also aligns with sustainability goals.

Bona Gym Paint – Oil-based

Effective gym floor striping demands the use of high-quality flooring paint, and Bona’s paint lineup excels across all essential categories. Bona gym floor paint is renowned for its user-friendly application, efficient one-coat coverage, excellent flow, and relatively fast drying time. Achieving flawless results with crisp lines and logos becomes a seamless process, especially when complemented by two top coats of either waterbased or oil-modified gym finish, ensuring a polished and professional appearance with minimal stipple. Choose Bona for a superior gym floor paint that meets the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.

Bona Glue & Adhesives

Bona glue is a renowned adhesive in the wood flooring industry, known for its exceptional bonding capabilities. Its superior quality and reliability make it a preferred choice among contractors and flooring professionals. With excellent open time, green grab, and ease of use, Bona glue consistently delivers outstanding results in hardwood flooring installations.

Bona Product Types

Bona provides a diverse range of hardwood flooring products catering to various needs in the industry:

  1. Sia Sandpaper: In collaboration with Sia Abrasives, Bona introduces a comprehensive line of color-coded abrasives featuring three different grain minerals. Compatible with all flooring machines, Sia sandpaper ensures a flat and scratch-free finish, providing excellent results.
  2. Waterborne Finish: Bona’s extensive collection of hardwood flooring finishes includes both one-component and two-component waterborne options. Known for their simplicity and exceptional durability, Bona’s waterborne finishes, especially the Traffic Waterbased Finish, have set a benchmark in the industry. Widely adopted, Bona flooring finish is the preferred choice for more floors than any other finish available.
  3. Oil-Based Finish: Bona’s straightforward lineup of oil-based finishes caters to both gym flooring and residential applications. Gym flooring oil typically offers a 100% gloss, ensuring a polished and durable result.
  4. Gym Paint: Bona stands out by offering specialized gym flooring paint tailored to the needs of gym flooring contractors, providing a unique solution for this niche.
  5. Cleaners: Bona is renowned for having the most recognized flooring cleaner globally. The Bona cleaner is user-friendly, highly effective, and readily accessible, making it a top choice for maintaining and preserving the quality of hardwood floors.

Company Information

Founded in 1919 in Sweden by Wilhelm Edner, Bona started as a coffee business but shifted its focus to flooring when Wilhelm began selling flooring wax as a side venture. Over the years, Bona evolved into a prominent flooring company, making significant contributions to the industry. In 1979, Bona pioneered waterborne finishes, marking a revolutionary step in the flooring world.

By 2010, Bona had developed a comprehensive flooring line, allowing users to complete an entire floor using Bona products. Recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality, Bona’s flagship product, Traffic finish, has become a staple in the flooring industry. The company’s Swedish heritage has played a pivotal role in shaping its approach to product development, emphasizing sustainability and health.

In the 1970s, Bona became a trailblazer by eliminating toxic and hazardous chemicals from its floor finish, making a groundbreaking shift toward water-based finishes. Moreover, Bona prioritized the use of vacuum systems to reduce carcinogenic wood dust during sanding, contributing to a healthier working environment. Today, Bona finishes are widely employed in various settings, including basketball courts, airports, museums, homes, and more. While renowned for its hardwood flooring products, Bona continues to innovate and enhance the stone, tile, laminate, parquet, and resilient flooring industries.