3M Regalite 5″ Clean Sanding Disc

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80 Grit, 120 Grit, 150 Grit, 180 Grit, 220 Girt



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Avaliable Grits: 80g, 100g, 120g, 1560g, 180g, 220g

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These hook and loop discs made by 3M are versatile and can be used on orbitals, multi-heads, or for hand sanding. They are made from 3M Regalite minerals and have a thin backing, which allows the minerals to be very similar in size and create a fine, uniform scratch pattern. These discs are great for use in the final stages of sanding hardwood floors to achieve a smooth, scratch-free finish.

3M Regalite 5″ Clean Sanding Discs Advantages

  • Very fine sanding scratch pattern for a smooth finish.
  • Holes for dust vacuum attachment to help keep the work area clean.
  • Long-lasting and effective for buffing and coating applications.
  • An inexpensive option for completing sanding tasks.

5″ Clean Sanding Discs Help & FAQ’s

Why is my backing peeling off?2022-08-22T04:40:21+00:00

Either you are overusing the paper and need to change it out or you are using too fine of a grit for the application.

Will these 3M Regalite discs last long on my machine?2022-08-22T04:38:37+00:00

Yes, 3M produces a quality product that really stands up to the abuse. The biggest mistake some flooring contractors make is overusing the disc and heating it up, thus, sticking to the machine or velcro.

Are Regalite discs good?2022-08-22T04:37:16+00:00

Yes, the backing is thick and appropriate for each application. The Regalite mix of grain is good for all phases of sanding. Please note that Regalite is not the best mineral for final sanding as the mineral is different in size because it is a mixture of minerals.


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