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unfinished hardwood flooring

Solid unfinished hardwood flooring is the pinnacle of flooring materials. Unfinished hardwood flooring offers all the benefits other flooring options offer with fewer downsides. Solid unfinished hardwood flooring can be finished to look exactly how you want; no matter your design style, there is a species and stain option for you. Solid hardwood can be molded to look and feel however you want. No artificial materials are included in this substrate, making it a natural, organic option. When you purchase hardwood flooring, you are buying a timeless material that you can rest assured will never go out of style. Unfinished hardwood flooring can be reworked to look like an entirely different floor when refinishing. No other flooring materials on the market have the capabilities of unfinished solid hardwood flooring. All other woods and wood-like products like engineered hardwood and Luxury Vinyl (LVP) are just an imitation of solid hardwood flooring. Prefinished solid hardwood is an imitation of unfinished flooring and is just prestained/finished.

Solid Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Brands

The unfinished hardwood flooring solid in Rustic Wood Floor Supply is all made in the USA. We do not import domestic wood products; our only imported materials are exotic species like Brazilian cherry. We choose mills that are known for producing high-quality wood flooring. We offer a variety of mills (Hillsboro, WD, Ten Oaks) that provide a range of quality and price points; all of our mills meet our minimum standards, including quality milling at affordable pricing. These unfinished hardwood flooring mills are also in the USA, run by USA workers, and the flooring is made from USA wood. Each mill is an NWFA mill member to ensure proper grading and correct production of the wood. Rustic Wood Floor Supply quality checks each pallet or bundle that comes in and ensures the moisture levels are within range to protect our flooring installers and end consumers.

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Species of Solid Unfinished Wood Flooring

Different Styles of Hardwood Flooring Cuts

Plain Sawn Flooring

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring is commonly plain-sawn. Plain sawn is the traditional method for cutting logs into hardwood and creates the most usable wood. The growth rings in the tree mix throughout the face of the flooring, and at the ends of the boards, these rings join. When the growth rings join, it creates cathedral arches.

Live Sawn Flooring

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring can also be live-sawn. Live-sawn flooring gives a unique look to the boards, and this cutting style is becoming more popular. Live-sawn flooring has more character and is graded differently than a plain-sawn floor because of how the character appears on the boards. Live-sawn floors are becoming very popular in Europe and Asia. Live sawn flooring still has the cathedral style you see in plain sawn boards, but it’s commonly toward the middle of the plank, and the edges feature more straight grain.

Quarter Sawn Flooring

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring can also be quarter sawn. Quarter-sawn flooring is created by quartering a log and then cutting these quarters vertically and horizontally. The look created with this cutting method is unique and includes flecking, but none of the cathedral looks you see in other cuts. The cutting method used in quarter sawing wood cuts through the grain pattern differently than other cuts and creates a more stable plank. Quarter-sawn food is less likely to warp than plain or live-sawn flooring. However, quarter-sawn floors are often higher priced because this method produces more waste.

Rift Sawn Flooring

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring can also be rift sawn. Rift-sawn flooring is cut from the outer edge of the log, and the cuts are made at a different angle than quarter-sawn flooring. The rift-sawn cutting process creates uniquely uniform style cuts with less variation than other cuts. Rift-sawn flooring makes the grain all appear to run in a single direction.

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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Mill Pictures

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Why Choose Solid Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

Unfinished flooring has stood the test of time. Solid unfinished hardwood flooring lasted decades, and centuries and wood installed in the 1600s are still in today’s remaining castles across the globe. Unfinished hardwood flooring is simply put the best option for each and every floor because it is sustainable, provides jobs to Americans, lasts forever, and looks great year after year no matter what happens. Best of all you can change your color, texture, or sheen whenever you want with a simple sanding process. No other product allows for such customizable options years down the road. Have water damage, no need to rip the whole floor out, and waste more products. Ignore all the noise you will hear at bix box stores that do not understand flooring and push other products. Wood is simply put an amazing option. Remember, Rustic Wood Floor Supply does offer all those other products like, we just figure you should know what products are the best.

Benefits of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

  • 100% Customizable at any point – even after installation
  • Change sheens
  • Change colors
  • Change finish type
  • Fixable after light water damage (sink leak, toilet leak etc)
  • Able to add texture
  • Feels real
  • Add more on years later with out worry

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring FAQ’s

Can unfinished hardwood flooring be stained to any color?2022-12-17T17:46:00+00:00

Absolutely, unfinished hardwood flooring can be stained any color. Depending on the wood species will have an effect on the outcome color of what is being applied. You are also able to apply different textures to floors to make them look different.

What is solid prefinished flooring vs solid unfinished flooring?2022-12-17T17:37:51+00:00

Solid unfinished simply does not have a finish on it yet. Solid Prefinished flooring is unfinished flooring with a factory stain and finishes on it. Generally, these types of flooring are in the same category.

How do you finish unfinished wood flooring?2022-12-17T17:36:20+00:00

Well, you should hire a professional hardwood flooring installer/refinisher. Basically, you sand a floor with different machines, then put sealer on, and then the final finish coats on.

Is it okay to leave hardwood floors unfinished?2022-12-17T17:34:33+00:00

It won’t do anything but the wood will be unprotected. Some racquetball courts are unfinished but drinks and such are not allowed near them as it will cause issues. If you leave the wood unfinished it will ultimately become grey or black in color.

Is it cheaper to buy unfinished hardwood floors?2022-12-17T17:33:19+00:00

All floors are priced relative to the product quality. Cheaper wood like engineered 3/8″ vs 3/4″ flooring will be cheaper. generally, everything that Rustic Wood Floor Supply sells is priced the same across all sections of flooring based on quality. We have some prefinished items much more expensive than unfinished wood and some are more expensive. When you price the higher quality engineered woods against solid unfinished hardwood, unfinished is generally cheaper up front and in the long run.

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