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spc core luxury vinyl flooringWhile Rustic Wood Floor Supply specializes in hardwood flooring & engineered hardwood flooring we have branched out into the luxury vinyl sector with great enthusiasm. Luxury Vinyl flooring is a great option that meets the lifestyles, spaces, and budgets of various customers. Luxury vinyl materials are ideal in rooms exposed to more moisture, like a bathroom, laundry room, or even a restaurant. Luxury vinyl does not absorb water and does not contract and expand when exposed to increased moisture. SPC luxury vinyl is the ideal choice for many customers.

Cordalera Enduro Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 7.25″ x 48″ Planks

Cordalera Enduro Max Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 9″ x 60″ Planks

Urban SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Urban Floor has a great line of luxury vinyl flooring. The Urban Floors LVP is high quality and comes in a great selection of colors. The quality of Urban Floors products is hard to beat and the price point is desirable.

Fine Sands

6mm wear layer, 7″ wide & 20 mil thickness

urban floor Maldives luxury vinyl
urban floor BoraBora luxury vinyl
urban floor Santorini luxury vinyl
urban floor bali luxury vinyl
urban floor st. lucia luxury vinyl
urban floor Capri luxury vinyl
urban floor Anguilla luxury vinyl
urban floor aspen luxury vinyl
urban floor fiji luxury vinyl
urban floor Snowmass luxury vinyl


5.5mm wear layer, 7″ wide & 20 mil thickness

urban floor Whitewater luxury vinyl
urban floor Havasu luxury vinyl
urban floor Cumberland luxury vinyl
urban floor Shoshone luxury vinyl
urban floor Toccoa luxury vinyl
urban floor Palouse luxury vinyl
urban floor Niagara luxury vinyl
urban floor Alamere luxury vinyl
urban floor Yosemite luxury vinyl
urban floor Latourell luxury vinyl
urban floor Marion luxury vinyl
urban floor sandstone luxury vinyl
urban floor yellowstone luxury vinyl
urban floor Kaaterskill luxury vinyl
urban floor destoto luxury vinyl
urban floor mesa luxury vinyl
urban floor spokane luxury vinyl
urban floor Manitou luxury vinyl
urban floor silkverthread luxury vinyl
urban floor ithaca luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl SPC Flooring FAQ’s

Does luxury vinyl spc flooring get affected by heat?2022-11-07T19:28:05+00:00

It can be confusing what is and isnt affected by heat. Any easy way to know is if the title has SPC in it. SPC is unaffected by the sun up to 240 degrees. Ridgid core and luxury vinyl without the SPC core is affected at around 95 degrees.

Can you install luxury vinyl spc in commerical spaces?2022-11-07T15:50:04+00:00

Yes, our 20mil product is meant for commerical spaces. You are able to use the 12mil in light comerical areas as well with certainty it will last.

Is the pad attached to the brands of luxury vinyl spc you sell?2022-11-07T15:41:37+00:00

Yes, our luxury vinyl spc flooring options all have the pad attached. You do not need to put extra padding down.

What are the main specs to look at when deciding on luxury vinyl flooring?2022-11-07T15:35:40+00:00

The main spec for all luxury vinyl is the stone content. The stone content makes it so the product is stable. A low ston content (less than 69%) will move in heat through a window.

Luxury Vinyl Brands We Sell

Rustic Wood Floor Supply offers SPC luxury vinyl flooring. We provide top brands of luxury vinyl floors and focus much of our attention on the stone core or SPC luxury vinyl. Our team feels that stone core luxury vinyl is the best LVP material for businesses and homes. We focus on SPC flooring options because the stone core gives the flooring a better structure. Some luxury vinyl products are known to expand when exposed to heat or cold, but SPC products are resistant to this issue. Unfortunately, vinyl flooring products impacted by heat often fail in the first few years of use, leaving the customer frustrated and needing another floor. Our team has compiled a list of trusted brands that we can trust will stand by their products and produce high quilty luxury vinyl flooring.

cordalera spc luxury vinyl flooring
Urban Floor Engineered Hardwood Floors

The Different Variations of Luxury Vinyl

When buying Luxury Vinyl flooring you need to know what you are buying. If you buy willy-nilly, you will get bitten and have a bad product with major flaws and have to restart the whole project or live with some major shortcomings. Below are some important points to make sure you ask before buying anything from anyone, including Rustic Wood Floor Supply. These quick points will ensure you have a floor you love, with the durability ou need and the stability required.

The Luxury Vinyl Flooring Questions to Ask

  1. What is the stone content? – Stone is by far the only thing that matters when it comes to the durability and longevity of the luxury vinyl product. A product with lower stone like 40-65% is going ot move when the floor heats up near a window, door, or solar opening. Stone does not move and the other materials used to cut costs do. Movement can mean many things but none are good. Movement can mean cracks, left and right. It could mean it raises off the floor and “bubbles”. At this point with how companies cost cut, it could mean anything. If you cannot find the stone content of an LVP, SPC, rigid core, or luxury vinyl then you should not buy it. STONE IS THE #1 THING TO KNOW.
  2. What “click system” is used? – A good click system will ensure the flooring stays connected and is not messed up for the life of the floor. Good options are Valinge 2.0, Valinge 5.0, and Unilin systems. A bad system will allow butt joints to move over time and break. They will also not allow for maximum pressure to roll over the joint and will cause failure. A proper system is very important to ensure no issues long term with the luxury vinyl plank flooring.
  3. How thick is the overall material? – Interestingly enough there can be a too-thick product and a too-thin product. After some extensive testing, we have found with high stone content luxury vinyl or SPC that there is a certain sweet spot for installation. 4.5mm is too thin and has issues with long-term durability at the joints since the joints are so thin. While 7,5mm and bigger is too thick since it makes sit very easy to not install the flooring correctly since it has very little give/bend while installing. We recommend 5.5mm or 6.5mm flooring. This gives you the benefits of strength and durability while also giving you the ease of proper installation to not hurt the integrity of the floor.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Learning Center

Explore a series of videos offering helpful insights into luxury vinyl flooring. These demonstrations cover common queries and provide basic guidance for information, installing and maintaining LVP floors. Please note, real-life applications may require alternative methods or techniques. These videos serve as simple, informative guides.

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