Arboritec manufactures hardwood flooring finishes, penetrating oils, and maintenance products. Specializing in innovation, Arboritec finishes stay at the forefront of technological changes. Following the changes in the market and offering new products and great results makes Arboritec finishes great. Arboritec finishes have set the standard for durability, protection, cure times, flow, leveling, and much more. The Arboritec Floor finish company is based out of Sweden and has many different distribution centers in the USA to keep the freshest flooring finishes available in the USA.

Arboritec offers a full lineup of waterborne or water-based flooring finishes and sealers. These finishes have proven to be a great option over the years and are loved by contractors and homeowners alike. The easy-to-use application is part of what makes contractors love these products. While Arboritec is a smaller company, they offer high-end coatings that stand the test of time. When finishing a floor, you need to choose a sealer as well as a finishing product. Arboritec offers a full line of floor finishes as well as sealers and maintenance products. When applying Arboritec flooring finish you have a quick turn around time and can apply new coats within 2-3 hours. The fast drying time allows homeowners to use their floors quickly and helps save time for wood flooring contractors.

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Arboritec Sealers

Waterborne sealers are the foundation of the finishing process of hardwood floors. Choosing the right water-based sealer is key to having a perfect job that you and/or your clients love. Arboritec offers 2 different wood flooring sealers for your floor to have 2 different looks. These sealers are also great sanding sealers that will powder and become super smooth after grain raise.

Arboritec 1 Component Finishes

One component water-based flooring finish is a great product for most households. Arboritec one component flooring finish is a high-build, easy-to-use product. You will find that Aboritec one-component products flow nicely and have great sheens. Arboritec one-component hardwood flooring finishes are meant for residential or light-use commercial areas. The great thing about a one-component flooring finish is that you do not need to mix anything and typically they are less harmful to humans.

Arboritec 2 Component Finishes

Arboritec offers many different 2 component water-based flooring finishes. The differences in the Arboritec 2 component flooring finishes comes down to sheen. The finishes offer sheens from extremely low or nothing to 100% fully gloss. These 2 component Arboritec floor finishes are great for commercial settings or the busiest of households.

Arboritec Miracle Oil

Aboritec Miracle Oil is a wood floor penetrating oil that is a 2-part flooring finish. This flooring finish type is designed for extreme floor abuse or whatever you throw at it. The beauty of this type of flooring finish is it bonds directly to the wood fibers and is easily repairable if needed. Arboritec Miracle Oil can be used in commercial spaces and residential.

Arboritec Cleaning Kit

A durable, simple-to-use cleaning kit. The Arboritec cleaning kit includes a built-in sprayer that makes it easy to spray more solution without a mess.

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