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Founded in 1922 by Wilhelm Hornung and Dr. Max Fischer, Loba-Wakol is a leading provider of hardwood flooring products with a global presence in over 40 countries. Based in North Carolina, Loba is part of a larger German company that has been in business for over 90 years.

In its early years, Loba focused on producing floor cleaners, stains, and other household products such as candles, shoe cream, ski wax, and dubbin. The company’s name has undergone several changes since its inception, originally being “Vereinigte Wachswarenfabriken AG Hornung und Dr. Fischer” before being simplified to its current form. Loba is dedicated to both finishing and protecting wood flooring.

Wakol is a company with a 60 year history of producing adhesives, including the popular PU 280 Moisture Barrier. In addition to chemical products, Wakol also offers non-chemical options that meet “green” industry standards for safety and environmental friendliness.

Loba is renowned for its high-quality finishes and oils, and both Loba and Wakol offer a range of products that can be used on various types of flooring including hardwood, parquet, cork, and PVC. Wakol is a leader in hardwood flooring adhesives, including moisture barriers and sausage glue. Both Loba and Wakol are trusted by consumers and contractors alike for their reliable and effective products.

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Loba Sealers

The Loba Primer is a wood flooring product that prepares the wood for a finish that will be walked on. It is known for its effectiveness in preventing burn marks, lap lines, and other imperfections that can ruin the appearance of a floor. The primer has a distinctive orange color when applied, but dries clear, making it easy to work with. It can be applied using a roller or T-bar, and is known for its ease of use. If you want to ensure that your wood floor looks its best, the Loba Primer is a great choice.

Loba 1 Component Finishes

Loba’s one-component flooring finish is a user-friendly product that offers excellent wear resistance. It is easy to apply and produces a high-quality finish that lasts. If you’re looking for a floor finish that is easy to use and offers great durability, Loba’s one-component option is a great choice. You’ll find that this product is easier to apply and produces a professional-looking finish that will stand the test of time.

Loba 2 Component Finishes

Loba’s two-component floor finishes consist of a finish and a hardener that accelerate the drying process. These products are known for their fast drying time, with the ability to cure in as little as 12 hours. The chemical reaction between the finish and hardener results in a harder, more durable and stain-resistant finish, but it may also make the product slightly more difficult to apply and achieve a perfect finish. If you want a floor finish that is highly durable and resistant to chemical stains, Loba’s two-component options are worth considering, even if they may require a bit more effort to apply.

Loba Mixing Fillers

Easyfill Pro is a versatile wood filler that is easy to use and can match any flooring. It is commonly known as wood dough and can be applied using a trowel. To use Easyfill Pro, you will need to mix dust into the liquid to create a thin paste that can be spread with the trowel. The finished product is stainable and sandable, making it easy to customize and smooth out any imperfections in your wood floor. Easyfill Pro is a convenient and effective solution for filling in gaps, cracks, or other damage to your wood flooring.

Loba Moisture Barriers

If you’re working on a wood flooring installation project and are unsure about the condition of the substrate, Loba’s substrate primers can be a helpful solution. These primers allow you to install wood flooring, whether it is engineered or solid, without worrying about the moisture content of the substrate. Loba’s substrate primers can be used on both concrete and wood, making them a versatile option for a wide range of flooring projects. They are designed to help ensure a successful installation, regardless of the condition of the underlying substrate.

Loba Adhesive & Glue

Loba offers a range of high-quality glues that are popular among wood flooring professionals. These glues are chosen for their effectiveness, price, and availability, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of applications. Loba makes it easy to select the right glue for your project by providing clear instructions on the correct trowel to use for each application. While not every glue offered by Loba is listed here, the company’s most popular glues are known for their versatility and can be used for a wide range of wood widths and applications. If you’re looking for a reliable glue that can handle any job, Loba has you covered.