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ten oaks solid flooring

Ten Oaks flooring is a flooring mill based in Stewart, Virginia. Ten Oaks has a unique product line that no other mill offers; the line includes a patented six-sided seal that works as a moisture barrier on all sides of the wood. The moisture barrier is excellent for helping to mitigate movement, cracking, and other moisture intrusion that can impact your wood flooring. The seal is also designed to reduce acclimation time and create a more stable floor that can withstand seasonal changes. Ten Oaks floors are flatter and remain that way because of the six-sided seal. The seal on this product before the wood is installed is ideal for new construction homes that still have other trades coming in. Additionally, when repairing water-damaged areas, it will have fewer moisture-related issues. Finally, Ten Oaks is ideal for installing over radiant heat because of the superior stability issues. Ten Oaks has a fantastic flooring product you can’t get anywhere else. Rustic is proud to offer this Mill and the technology Ten Oaks provides. Ten Oaks focuses on solving problems installers face daily on job sites.

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FAQ About Ten Oaks Flooring

How much water does the sealed product protect against?2022-08-10T21:24:51+00:00

While antedotal, we did a test in our offices. A normal unfinished & prefinished plank were submerged in water takes on around 18% moisture overnight. The Ten Oaks sealed took on 2% of moisture. Both tests were done in the same sink, same water and for the same period. It is amazing how much moisture was repelled and not let into the wood to make it change size and shape!

Does the Sealed make the boards straigher?2022-08-10T21:22:54+00:00

Suprisingly, yes! While the wood waits at the mill and is being transported it is interesting how much a wood plank can move. The wood being sealed make sit so the wood is unable to bow or move while transporting. The Ten Oaks flooring is some of the straightest wood because of the full seal on the wood flooring.

Can I install this sooner on a new construction or water damage floor?2022-08-10T21:21:17+00:00

It is recommended to wait till the house is closed up and the painting is done as the moisture can be very high. However, once this is done you do not need to acclimate the wood, you are able to install day of delivery wihtout fear of the floor not being flat.

Can I glue down if I used the sealed floor?2022-08-10T21:18:28+00:00

Yes, glueing the floor down is perfectly fine. Ten Oaks has approved the use of Pallmann and Loba glues. You do not need to do anything special, you can glue right to the back of the board with the seal on it.

Do I need to sand the floor if it is sealed?2022-08-10T20:30:32+00:00

Yes, the baords are fully sealed for moisture but after installation it is recommended you sand the floor with a 60g or lower belt then proceed as normal with your normal sanding sequence. After sanding it is ideal to put a coat of stain or oil/water based finish before 48 hours to ensure the moisture doesn’t change.

Ten Oaks Company History

Ten Oaks has a long history dating back to May 1922. However, the company did not start under the Ten Oaks Banner but began under the Stuart Lumber Company. Four local citizens incorporated Stuart Lumber Company in May of 1922 with plans to utilize the timber resources in the county. The four original members of Stuart Lumber Company are Flem Ross, Joel Marshall, Larkin Cockram, and A. Leon Powell. During the first 17 years in business, the men rotated as president, general manager, and director.

Fast forward to 1982, Buddy left the Masonite Corporation to start his business venture. His first order of business was to purchase moth-balled strip flooring equipment from the Masonite Corporation and move the machinery into a new spot on the Mayo River. In July of 1984, he began the Stuart Flooring Corporation operation with just one-half of a strip mill manufacturing line.

In 2004 Buddy expanded his business by purchasing the T-George Vaughan Furniture company to obtain the Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company building in the Rich Creek Corporate Park in Stuart, Virginia. The building has 260,000 square feet and 34 acres of land where he planned to expand his hardwood flooring operation. The sixty-seven-year-old entrepreneur and his family changed the mill’s name from Stuart Flooring to Ten Oaks, LLC. The new company was established with one goal: to make hardwood flooring better.

Over the next 14 years, Ten Oaks continued to grow steadily and eventually began to run out of space in the original Progress Drive location. Additionally, the company needed more raw material processing capabilities to meet the production demand. As a result, they were given the opportunity to purchase the old Stuart Flooring mill from Shaw Industries when they announced their plans to close the plant. With access to the large plant, Ten Oaks can now expand the solid hardwood flooring product line, offering more products customers need.

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