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These sanding belts, favored by contractors, are renowned for their effectiveness in a variety of hardwood floor sanding projects. Sized at 10″ (9-7/8″ X 29-1/2″), they are specifically designed for compatibility with all traditional hardwood flooring belt sanders. Notably, their cloth backing sets them apart, offering enhanced durability compared to conventional paper backing.

Crafted from 3M Regalite, these belts utilize cubitron minerals known for their enduring sharpness and efficient removal of finishes from wood surfaces. Generally, these belts exhibit impressive longevity, covering 500-600 sq ft on hardwood floors with old finishes and even more on freshly installed floors (800-1000 sq ft). They stand as a reliable and cost-effective solution for accomplishing sanding tasks on hardwood floors.

Advantages of 3M Regalite 10″ Sanding Belts:

  1. Cloth backing ensures enhanced durability and sustained performance.
  2. Cubitron minerals maintain sharpness and efficiency over time.
  3. Superior ceramic grain facilitates efficient sanding.


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