3M 16″ SPP Buffer Pad

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These buffer pads are designed for intercoat abrasion and are typically around 320g in weight. They are effective at removing raised grain and providing a smooth finish on wood surfaces. In addition to their primary function, these pads are also useful as a base for attaching other pads, screens, PSA rolls, and other abrasives to the buffer. Essentially, they serve as the backbone of the buffer machine and are an essential component for making it easy to use.

3M SPP / Marron Pad Advantages

  • Capable of inter-coat abrasion to remove raised grain and smooth wood surfaces.
  • Makes floors smooth and ready for finishing.
  • Allows for easy attachment of other abrasives to the buffer machine.

3M SPP / Marron Pad Help & FAQ’s

Can you buff waterbased finishes with a spp or maroon pad?2022-08-22T05:09:22+00:00

Generally depends on grain raise. If you are buffing an oil or a normal unpigamented sealer it might be best to buff with 150g-220g. Pigamented sealers like whiteseal, nordic etc will most likely want to be buffed lightly if at all and a spp or maroon pad is great for that.

Is there a difference between a SPP and Maroon pad?2022-08-22T05:04:15+00:00

yes, one is slightly more rough than the other. However, after a few seconds of buffing they are generally about the same.

What is a SPP or Maroon pad used for?2022-08-22T05:03:16+00:00

Usually used to buff waterbased finishes or as an intermediatry for a screen, easy change disc or something like this.


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