american sanders logoIf you need a powerful and efficient machine for sanding hardwood floors, consider a product from American Sanders. This company, based in North Carolina, USA, is known for its high-quality floor sanding machines that are widely used in the hardwood flooring industry. American Sanders machines are known for their ability to quickly and effectively sand floors, cutting through finishes with ease. Their range of products includes everything you need to complete your sanding project from start to finish. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-built machine for hardwood floor sanding, American Sanders is a top choice.

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Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are a popular choice for sanding floors because of their design, which allows the operator to easily change the belts. They are known to produce a smoother finish with less chatter on the floor, making them a refined tool for stripping floors down to bare or flat wood. They are also often considered easier to use compared to other types of sanders. If you need to sand a floor, consider using a hardwood belt sander for its versatility and smooth results.

Drum Sanders

Drum sanders were the first design for hardwood floor sanding machines and are still widely used today for their efficient finish removal capabilities. They are often used for sanding gym floors and large open spaces, but can also be effective for sanding residential floors. Known for their reliability and endurance, drum sanders are considered to be workhorses in the floor sanding industry. If you need to sand a large area or remove tough finishes, a drum sander may be the right choice for you.


Flooring edgers are specialized tools used for sanding the edges and tight spaces of a floor that drum or belt sanders cannot reach. These smaller, more maneuverable tools are ideal for sanding the perimeter of a room, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas. They can be used on a variety of flooring materials, including wood, concrete, and terrazzo, and are often used by flooring professionals to prepare a floor for refinishing or to smooth out rough or uneven surfaces. Some flooring edgers also feature a dust-collection system to help minimize the amount of dust generated during the sanding process. If you need to sand the edges of your floor or work in tight spaces, a flooring edger may be the right tool for the job.


The buffer is a timeless piece of hardwood floor machinery that has been in use for decades. American Sanders offers buffers in various head sizes, with the most common being 16″ wide. These machines are designed to spin and sand the floor using different attachments and sandpaper types. Buffers are frequently used in schools, businesses, and other public facilities for their versatility and ability to perform a wide range of tasks. If you work in the hardwood flooring industry, a buffer is an essential tool to have in your arsenal.

Planetary Sanders

Orbital or planetary sanders are a newer type of sanding machine offered by American Sanders. These machines have multiple heads that spin in different directions to provide an even, smooth sand on a floor while minimizing scratches from sandpaper. They are highly effective at flattening a hardwood floor and are generally considered easier to use and master compared to other types of sanders, as they do not cut on just one side. If you work in the hardwood flooring industry, an orbital or planetary sander is an important tool to have in your toolkit.

Company History

American Sanders, formerly known as Clarke, was founded by Alex A. Clark, who was inspired to start the company due to his dissatisfaction with the poor quality of bar tops in the bars he visited. In 1916, he created the first bar top restorer, but it eventually became less popular. However, by adding a pole to the machine, he was able to create the first-floor buffer, which became the foundation of Clarke (now American Sanders).

In the 1950s, the company experienced significant growth and innovation, introducing new products such as the FM Floor Maintainer, the DU-8 Rental Sander, and the first battery-operated auto scrubber, the Clarke-A-Matic. Sales continued to rise during this time, reaching 9 million annually. Clarke underwent several changes in ownership throughout the 1950s and beyond.

Currently, American Sanders (formerly Clarke) produces floor sanding machines in Sparta, North Carolina for Pioneer Eclipse. The company offers a wide range of flooring machines, including those for hardwood floor restoration and sanding, and is recognized for its innovative products and dedication to quality.

Some notable moments in the company’s history include being acquired by Studebaker in 1959 and introducing the FM Floor Maintainer, releasing the first Dual Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the Model 550, in 1965, producing the 1,000,000th FM Floor Maintainer in 1971, and launching the TimberGuard line of water-based hardwood floor products in 2015 in collaboration with Pioneer Eclipse.