Norton 8″ Mesh Power Discs

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80g, 100g, 120g, 150g, 180g, 220g

Atlanta Office: (678) 691-0533

Boise Office: (208) 982-5749

Spokane Office: (509) 921-5585

Avaliable Grits: 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g, 180g, 220g

Upgrade your hardwood floor sanding with Norton 8″ Mesh Power Screens. These discs are designed to provide superior performance when used with the American Sanders 3ds or Lagler Trio, and are known for their ability to deliver a better finish with fewer scratches than traditional sandpaper. Sanding hardwood floors is already a challenging task, so it’s important to use the best products to ensure the best possible results.

Norton 8″ Mesh Power discs are made with a fully ceramic sandpaper that is available in multiple grits to suit different sanding needs, including raw wood sanding and abrasion between coats. The mesh backing helps with dust containment and control, and the hook and loop backing makes it easy to attach and change the discs.

Overall, Norton is a highly regarded brand in the hardwood flooring industry, and their 7″ Mesh Power Screens are a reliable choice for any floor sanding project.

Norton 8″ Mesh Power Disc Advantages

  • Finer sanding
  • Better sanding results
  • Longer lasting
  • Less scratches

Norton 8″ Mesh Power Discs Help & FAQ’s

Wha tis the right way to use Norton Mesh Power?2022-09-06T03:40:51+00:00

Just like normal sandpaper really. The only other difference is you need to use the interface pads to give this sandpaper better support.

What is so amazing about Norton Mesh Power discs?2022-09-06T03:39:51+00:00

Norton mesh lasts very long, does not gum up and is great and leaving no scratches. This product can be usxed from final sanding to intercoat abrasion. These demolish the bona diamond discs in use and price. 


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