Norton Red Heat 5″ Disc H&L

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36 Grit, 40 Grit, 50 Grit, 60 Grit, 80 Grit, 100 Grit, 120 Grit



Atlanta Office: (678) 691-0533

Boise Office: (208) 982-5749

Spokane Office: (509) 921-5585

Avaliable Grits: 36g, 40g, 50g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g

Norton Red Heat 5″ no hole hook & loop discs are designed for use with multi-disc sanders, such as the Bona Multi-Disc and American Sanders Hydra Sand. These discs are made with a full grain ceramic grain that is known for its uniform scratch pattern and effectiveness in staining hardwood floors.

Norton Red Heat sandpaper has been trusted by professionals for many years due to its reliability and performance. The red color may be a concern for some contractors, but there is no risk of color transfer with these discs. The stiff F-weight backing allows the paper to sand aggressively without the risk of snagging or tearing, making it a durable and effective choice for any floor sanding project.

Norton 5″ Red Heat Sanding Discs Advantages

  • Easy with Hook & loop
  • Consistent Scratch
  • Ceramic Grain
  • Long Lasting
  • Thick Backing

Norton 5′ Red Heat Discs Help & FAQ’s

How long does Red Heat Discs last?2022-09-07T02:48:56+00:00

This is impossible to say as there is a hundred different ways to use a disc. What I can say is that it lasts about the same as 3m regalite and bona blue but leaves a better scratch for your next pass. This is important if staining.

What mineral are Norton Red Heat discs made out of?2022-09-07T02:42:21+00:00

Ceramic. Not mixed ceramic or wanna be ceramic but full, reall ceramic grain.

How is the scratch pattern when using the Red Heat Discs?2022-09-07T02:41:23+00:00

The Norton Red Heat sanding discs are awesome at leaving a smaller and consistent scratch than other brands as this is a full ceramic. The full ceramic breaks down slower, is not as wild with the scratches and generally leaves a much better sanding surface for the next grit to take away the heavier scratche sin the low grits.


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