Supra A.T.

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Loba 2K Supra A.T.

Key Beneifts of Supra A.T.

  • 2 comnponent finish
  • Ceramic for durability
  • Great scratch resistance
  • Meant for commercial

Loba Supra A.T. might jus tbe the best commercial finish for recoating. The Loba Supra A.T. dries in a world record time of 12 hours. No other flooring finish dries as fast as the Loba Supra A.T.. Another great aspect is that this finish uses ceramic particles to gain an edge on durability over other brands. These 2 things make the Supra A.T. product perfect for commercial or heavy traffic residential homes.

For high traffic commercial areas. Suitable for wood and cork floors, PVC, LVT and VCT floorings. Can be used to recoat factory finished UV cured wood and cork floors in conjunction with WS 2K Contact.

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Loba Supra A.T. FAQ’s

What does the Ceramic particles even do?2022-08-18T02:15:09+00:00

Ceramic particles make the finish that much harder. Ceramic is tougher than anything else in waterbased, oilbased or swedish finish.

Do you really need to use Supra A.T. in a house?2022-08-18T02:13:55+00:00

Why not? if you get your floors refinished every 30 years why not protect them with the best finish a company offers. While more expensive you get all the bells and whistles. Loba Supra A.T. is mainly made for commercial projects.

Is Supra A.T. as easy to apply as EasyFinish?2022-08-18T02:08:58+00:00

No, this is a fast drying ceramic product. It is not as easy to apply this finish as EasyFinish.

Does Supra A.T. Really dry that fast?2022-08-18T02:08:05+00:00

Supra A.T. is the fastest drying waterbased finish on the market. This makes it ideal for commercial projects.

Technical Specs for Loba Supra A.T.

Coverage Approx. 500 – 600 sq ft per gallon
Storage & Working Temp: Store between 50° and 70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-80°F (18-25°C) for best results**
Application Tools: T-Bar applicator, brush, cut-in pad or waterborne roller.
Defoaming: Excellent
Leveling: Exceptional
Fully Cured: After approx. 3 days**
Foot Traffic: After approx. 2-3 hours**
Drying Time: Approx. 30-90 min**
Pot Life: Infinite
Packaging 1 U.S. plastic gallon
Clarity: Clear when dry, non-yellowing (not UV sensitive)
Stability: Min. 12 months*
VOC Content: VOC does not exceed 155 grams per gallon
Gloss Level (60˚): 25, 40, 90
Sheens: Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss
Solids: 37%
Odor: Non-offending
Color Milky when wet, clear when dry
Recommoned Uses: Residential & Light Commercial


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