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Key Beneifts of Classic+

  • Fast drying
  • Good build
  • Can be used wiht all Loba waterbased finishes
  • No lap marks

Loba EasyPrime is a versatile sealer that is suitable for use on most woods and is easy to apply. It is unique in that it goes on with an orange color but dries clear, bringing out the natural colors of the wood and giving it a well-coated look and feel. EasyPrime is a polyurethane-acrylate water-based sealer that is specifically designed for hardwood flooring. It has a rapid drying time and is known for its ability to eliminate lap marks, even with critical types of wood.

One of the key benefits of Loba EasyPrime is its safety and reliability. It is a high-quality sealer that provides maximum protection and ensures that your hardwood floors are well-coated and durable. Whether you are working on a residential or commercial project, EasyPrime is an excellent choice for any hardwood flooring project.

EasyPrime Inspiration Photos

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Loba EasyPrime FAQ’s

What color does this sealer make the wood change to?2022-08-18T01:42:32+00:00

While the EasyPrime sealer by Loba pops the colors and makes all wood species look great, it does not amber or change the color of the wood too much. It fits todays design protocols.

Do I need to buff bewteen coats?2022-08-18T01:41:32+00:00

If the coating is put down and recoated within 18 hours you will be good to hot coat this sealer. Hoever, it might be ideal to buff to get any grain raise gone and for the smoothest floor.

How should I apply EasyPrime Sealer?2022-08-18T01:40:24+00:00

It is recommended to use a roller or t-bar to apply the EasyPrime sealer.

Should I be worried about applying EasyPrime Sealer?2022-08-18T01:39:32+00:00

No, this sealer works on almost all woods, is easy to apply and leaves no lap marks!

Technical Specs for Lobna EasyPrime

Coverage Approx. 450 – 500 sq ft per gallon
Storage & Working Temp: Store between 50° and 70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-80°F (18-25°C) for best results**
Application Tools: T-Bar applicator, brush, cut-in pad or waterborne roller.
Defoaming: Excellent
Leveling: Exceptional
Fully Cured: After approx. 5 days**
Foot Traffic: After approx. 2-3 hours**
Drying Time: Approx. 30-90min hours**
Pot Life: Infinite
Packaging 1 U.S. plastic gallon
Clarity: Clear when dry, non-yellowing (not UV sensitive)
Stability: Min. 12 months*
VOC Content: VOC does not exceed 232 grams per gallon
Gloss Level (60˚): N\a
Sheens: N\a
Solids: 29%
Odor: Non-offending
Color Milky when wet, clear when dry
Recommoned Uses: Residential & Commercial


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