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Key Beneifts of MS 260

  • up to 8″ wide boards
  • Zero VOC
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be coated over pu 280

The MS 260 glue from loba is a great versatile glue that works for most flooring applications. Being that this glue is siline based, you have an easy to clean up glue if you are doing prefinished and a sticky glue to hold all your flooring down for years to come.

Firm-flexible, premium one-component MS polymer adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4 in. or less solid strip, planks up to 8 in. wide, bamboo, strand-woven or engineered up to 8 in. wide; end grain block; finger parquet; engineered wood flooring with no limitations, as well as cork flooring with MDF or engineered core and Wakol sound underlayments. Can also be used as all-in-one adhesive with WAKOL B5 All-in-one blade for sound and moisture mitigation.

Note: MS-260 also offers built in sound dampening and is rated for a sound dampening glue.

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Loba MS 260 FAQ’s

Does MS 260 offer sound dampening?2022-08-18T14:36:19+00:00

Yes, it does offer sound dampening. STC (ASTM E 90) up to 67 & IIC (ASTM E 492) up to 73.

Does MS 260 offer a moisture barrier built in?2022-08-18T14:34:29+00:00

Yes, it offers up to 85% rh for protection against moisture. If you need more moistur eprotection use PU 280 as it offers up to 95%-100%

Is MS 260 good for solid and engineered wood?2022-08-18T14:32:59+00:00

Yes, it can be used for both engineered and solid wood up to 8″ wide.

Why should I use MS 260?2022-08-18T14:32:05+00:00

Loba MS 260 is easy to spread, super strong at holding wood but still being able to move with the seasons and is easy to cleanup. With MS 260 being able to go to 8″ wide boards that should take care of 90% of your installations.

Technical Specs for MS 260

Coverage 35-120 sq ft a gallon
Storage & Working Temp: Store between 50° and 70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-75°F (18-25°C) for best results**
Application Tools: Loba Trowels – b1, b3, b5, b13
Open Time: 40 min
Curing Time: full traffic after 24 to 48 hours depending on room climate on job site
Foot Traffic: Light foot traffic after 6 to 8 hours;
Pot Life: Infinite
Packaging: 3 U.S. plastic gallon
Stability: Min. 18 months*
VOC Content: 0 VOC
Recommoned Uses: Residential & Commercial


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