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American Sanders

Quick Facts About American Sanders Hydrasand:

  • 15% more effective than leading competitive units.
  • Backer pads provide smoother sanding, but may be removed to increase aggressiveness.
  • Strong, six-bolt clutch plate construction transfers torque without the use of plastic gear assembly.
  • Isolator/dampener provides superior handling.
  • Large air slots allow for premium dust collection.
The HydraSand attachment, designed for seamless integration with any rotary sander, features an innovative design that incorporates six 5-inch sanding pads attached to a robust steel plate. This configuration ensures enhanced sanding efficiency and extends the duration between replacements of the sanding pads. Each pad is firmly attached to a sturdy red foam base, promoting efficient material removal and exceptional surface leveling capabilities.

The attachment’s durability and strength are significantly enhanced by its heavy gauge steel construction, which also contributes to more rapid material removal from surfaces. The assembly’s durability is further bolstered by steel-encased bearings, ensuring high performance and longevity. These bearings are uniquely designed with a raised shaft, facilitating swift and effortless pad changes.

An additional feature is the isolator/dampener, which excels in providing superior handling for the user. This component effectively minimizes the transfer of machine and operator movements to the floor, thus reducing the likelihood of creating gouges, especially on uneven surfaces.

The HydraSand attachment is not only compatible with American Sanders rotary sanders but also fits seamlessly with other standard rotary sanders, making it a versatile tool for various sanding projects.

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  • Key Features:
    1. Six 5-inch sanding pads for optimal performance and longer operational periods between abrasive changes.
    2. Pads attached to firm red foam for increased stock removal and improved leveling.
    3. Heavy gauge steel construction for enhanced strength, durability, and faster material removal.
    4. Steel encased bearings for added durability and easy pad replacement.
    5. Raised shaft design for quick pad changes.
    6. Isolator/dampener to reduce machine and operator motion transfer, preventing gouging on uneven surfaces.
    7. Compatible with American Sanders and other standard rotary sanders.