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American Sanders

Key Beneifts of Super 7R

  • 12″ sanding path
  • Heavy machine for quick finish take-off
  • Simple construction
  • USA Made
  • 7.7HP motor
  • Drum pressure control for infinite LBS of pressure
  • Serious fan for lots of dust
  • Drum feathering is simple & easy
  • Three wheels for smooth and easy operation

Product Brand: American Sanders
Product Currency: USD
Product Price: $12839.28
Product In-Stock: Yes
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American Sanders 12″ Drum Sander is a 12″ wide sander that uses roll paper. These sanders are designed to take off finish and wood extremely fast. The 12″ drum sanders are heavy sanding machines that unlike belt sanders do not finesse the sanding process. Crafted from cast aluminum ensures these machines will stand the test of time. The dynamic balanced drum cuts down on chatter and vibration. The vacuum fan is effective and the high filtration dust bag works great at recovering and containing dust.

Features of Drum Sanders

The nice thing about drum sanders is typically the paper is cheaper in the long run because you are buying rolls and not pre-made belts. However, these machines are more prone to chatter, unlike belt sanders. The three-wheel design allows you to sand on a variety of different wood types and the feathering drum lowering handle allows for easier operation.


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