Duraseal Wood Flooring Finishes

Waterbased. Oil Poly. Stains.

Rustic Wood Floor Supply of Spokane, WA is a Duraseal wood flooring finishes supplier. Duraseal finishes are used by many hardwood flooring contractors. the Duraseal finish lineup is very stacked and includes the following:

  • Oil-based sealer/finish
  • Waterbased sealer/finish
  • Oil stains
  • Fillers

The Duraseal brand over the years has been the front runner for flooring stains due to their reliability and ease of use. rustic offers all Duraseal products you might need at our store in Spokane, WA.

Why is Duraseal so loved?

  • Full finish lineup
  • Great dry times
  • Easy to use and looks great
  • Durable
  • Awesome stains

Duraseal Stains

Some of the best stains on the market, the Duraseal oil-based stains have been a contractors staple for man, many years. These stains have evolved with the contractors and seem to never disappoint. Duraseal stains have a full color lineup and set the bar for every other stain on the market.

Duraseal Waterbased Poly

Duraseal Polyurethane  lower end finish that is super easy to use and looks great. This finish is extremely affordable, however is not the most durable 1-part component. The finish product does look amazing and does give the wood a great look.

Duraseal Poly – Oil-based

Everyone loves using the Duraseal Poly flooring finish. The Duraseal Poly is an easy to use and great looking finish. The sheens available for this finish are matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

DuraClear Max

DuraClear Max is an easy to use 2-part component finish that is rated for commercial applications. You can apply this over the Duraseal stains and comes in multiple sheens.

Duraseal Trowel & Patch Filler

Used to trowel fill the wood floor cracks. The Durasela trowel filler is waterbased, fast drying and easy to use. This product comes in many different colors and will make your floors look awesome.