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1 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon


Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Maple Ash Pine, Walnut



Atlanta Office: (678) 691-0533

Boise Office: (208) 982-5749

Spokane Office: (509) 921-5585

Key Beneifts of Trowelable Filler

  • Easy to spread
  • Pre-mixed
  • Waterbased
  • 0 VOC

Duraseal wood trowel filler is a versatile product that can be used to fill voids, cracks, and blemishes on hardwood floors. It is easy to use, stainable and comes in a range of colors to match your flooring. With its fast-drying formula, you can get your flooring project back on track in no time.

To apply Duraseal wood trowel filler, start by thoroughly cleaning the floor to ensure that no dust or debris gets into the filler. Debris can make the filler thicker and harder to spread. Then, using a trowel, spread the filler on the wood as thinly as possible. It is usually best to be on your knees while spreading the filler, using a snowplow angle to ensure an even application. Once the filler is dry, sand it off and continue with your next steps. Duraseal wood trowel filler is a reliable choice for any hardwood flooring project.

Colors Duraseal Offers:

  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Walnut
  • Maple ash pine
  • Cherry

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Duraseal Trowelable Wood Filler FAQ’s

Is wood filler easy to use?2022-08-15T21:11:59+00:00

Yes, you just need a trowel and you being going left to right with the putty. Make sure to keep the putty as thin as possible while applying.

I got wood filler on the carpet – what now?2022-08-15T21:10:44+00:00

Take a wet cloth and rub it out. The wood filler does not bond to carpet.

Are there different colors of Trowelable Wood Filler?2022-08-15T21:09:59+00:00

The colors wood filler comes in are: maple ash pine, red oak, white oak, ebony, walnut & cherry.

Does wood filler dry fast?2022-08-15T21:08:15+00:00

Yes, the Duraseal trowable wood filler dries in about 20-40 min and is sandable directly after.


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