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Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss



Key Beneifts of Classic+

  • No mixing needed
  • Cheaper finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Reusable

Product Brand: Duraseal
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Polyurethane is a popular choice for wood floor finishes because it is simple to use and enhances the natural beauty of wood. Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane is a particularly forgiving finish that is easy to apply, making it a great option for both professionals. It comes in four different sheen levels – matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss – so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

One of the key benefits of Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane is its durability. While it is a water-based finish, it offers the same level of protection as traditional polyurethane, making it suitable for use in high traffic areas. It can be applied over stains, Duraseal sealers, and other Duraseal products, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of wood flooring projects.

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DuraSeal Waterbased Polyurethane FAQ’s

How should I apply Waterbased Polyurethane?2022-08-15T16:08:24+00:00

Roller or t-bar is the perferred method of applying the DUraseal waterbased polyurethane.

Can you hot coat Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane?2022-08-15T16:06:15+00:00

Yes, you are able to hot coat the floor. We recommend hot coating within 12 hours to get best adhesion.

Is Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane reusable after opening?2022-08-15T16:04:23+00:00

Yes, for up to a year, the finish should be good to use on multiple jobs.

What is the benfits of Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane?2022-08-15T16:02:51+00:00

Duraseal Waterbased Polyurethane makes your wood have the look oil but the ease of waterbased finish.

Technical Specs for Waterbased Polyurethane

Coverage Approx. 500 – 600 sq ft per gallon
Storage & Working Temp: Store between 50° and 70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-80°F (18-25°C) for best results**
Application Tools: T-Bar applicator, brush, cut-in pad or waterborne roller.
Defoaming: Excellent
Leveling: Exceptional
Fully Cured: After approx. 7 days**
Foot Traffic: After approx. 2-3 hours**
Drying Time: Approx. 30-90 min**
Pot Life: Infinite
Packaging 1 U.S. plastic gallon
Clarity: Clear when dry, non-yellowing (not UV sensitive)
Stability: Min. 12 months*
VOC Content: VOC does not exceed 240 grams per gallon
Gloss Level (60˚): 20, 45, 90
Sheens: Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss
Solids: 32% for Satin
Odor: Non-offending
Color Milky when wet, clear when dry
Recommoned Uses: Residential & Light Commercial


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