Arboritec Wood Flooring Finishes

Waterbased. Penetrating Oil. Quality.

Rustic Wood Floor Supply of Spokane, WA offers the full Arboritec waterbased & penetrating oil floor finish line. The Arboritec hardwood flooring finish is made in Sweden and is on the highest quality flooring finishes on the market for hardwood flooring contractors. This wood flooring finish can be used in residential and commercial spaces.

What Makes Arboritec So Awesome?

  • Ease of use
  • Great dry times
  • Doesn’t leave streaking
  • Incredibly durable
  • Great line-up of flooring finishes

Arboritec First Coat

First coat is a ceramic fortifide waterbase sealer. This sealer is fast drying, simple to use and can be sanded. With this sealer you get a good build to start your next coats. It is ideal to sand this coat to get rid o grain raise and have the best surface for the finishing coats.

Arboritec Flowtec

Flowtec is a 1-part finish that is recommended for only residential use. This finish is very easy to use, however is an entry level finish. While being entry levle this finish is a blend of Polyurethane/Acrylate which gives it great durability for the cost.

Arboritec Classic+

Classic is a strong 1-part component made with 100% polyurethane. Give your floors the best 1-part the market has to offer with Arboritec Classic finish. Some great things about this finish are it is easy to apply, fast drying and has great durability.

Arboritec Avenue

Avenue is a 2-part component finish that offers some of the best durability of any waterbased finish on the market. This finish incorporates ceramic technology to give your floors the best protection you can buy. This finish is easy to use, has 3 different sheens and is a contractors favorite.

Arboritec Naked

Arboritec Naked is the same great formula as Avenue, but it is an extremely low sheen. It is almost as if your wood is naked! This finish goes on easy, looks great and gives you amazing durability.

Arboritec Miracle Oil

Miracle oil is an amazing product that competes with every other penetrating oil on the market. This 2-part oil is voc free, offers easy repairs and amazing durability. This wood flooring finish rally beings out the color in the wood and gives you that traditional look and feel of the wood.