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Key Benefits of UV Elite

  • Cured instantly
    Easy to use
    Low VOC
    Waterborne finish
    Most chemical and wear resistant waterborne finish on the market.

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Arboritec UVElite is a new type of finish that uses UV light to cure. This finish has the behavior of a waterborne finish but dries instantly once light rolls over it. This finish has been shown to have lower VOC and once cured doe snot off-gas. UVElite UV finish is the fastest finish to off-gas and the most safe finish for any family once they move back into the house.

UV Finish by Arboritec is one of the hardest and chemically resistant finishes on the market.

Once the floor is coated, you will need to use a UV light to make the finish cured. Before UV light application the finish is uncured. While the finish is uncured it is soft and prone to scuffs and scratching. You can UV cure this finish after 2 hours.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Is UV finish durable?”]Yes, uv finish such as UVElite is very strong and durable. It has been shown through testing that UV finishes are about 20% Stronger than other waterborne finishes.  Once the finish is cured this finish is stronger than any other finish and faster than any other finish. If you need durability on a wood floor fast, UVElite is a great choice.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What is the process for UV Finish, specifically UVElite.”]To get wood flooring ready for UV finish, Arboritec UVElite, you first coat the floor with the first coat, then avenue, and then finally 1 or 2 coats of uvelite.

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