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Extra Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss

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Discover the benefits of Bona Traffic HD Finish:

  • Rapid 3-day curing time
  • Quick drying
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Widely recognized as an industry standard
  • Compatibility with all Bona Sealers

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Bona Mega One shares similarities with Bona Mega but comes with notable improvements. Featuring an updated finish that is clearer, dries faster, and offers enhanced wear resistance, Bona Mega One is praised for its durability and efficiency in minimizing product wastage for contractors. In contrast to typical two-component finishes that may deteriorate within four hours of mixing, this product, as a one-component finish, maintains its quality post-use. Tailored for residential and light commercial applications, the new Bona Mega One is a high-build solution utilizing air as a drying catalyst.

Bona Traffic HD Help & FAQ’s

Bona Traffic HD is a top-tier 2-component waterborne hardwood floor finish, combining part A and part B for application, ensuring a clear and enduring finish throughout the floor’s lifespan. Designed for both high-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic HD boasts unparalleled durability, outperforming moisture-cure finishes without harmful side effects. It features a rapid curing rate, providing quicker access to the floor, and comes in clear and colorless formulations, allowing the true color of stained or natural wood floors to shine without changing over time. Additionally, it is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality, offering a low VOC option, and is classified for slip resistance. The finish is nonflammable with a non-offending odor, and its water-based composition enables easy cleanup.

To ensure optimal results, Bona recommends using one coat of Bona oil-based stain or a water-based sealer followed by two coats of Traffic floor finish, with coverage reaching 350-400 square feet per gallon. The finish is compatible with most oil-based stains, sealers, and finishes after proper preparation and dry times, making it versatile across various wood species. Bona Traffic HD provides a reliable and traditional waterborne look, offering a comprehensive solution for hardwood floor finishing.

Considered the gold standard of waterborne finishes, Bona Traffic HD has been trusted on high-profile jobs, demonstrating exceptional performance and versatility. The product’s ease of use, reliability, and durability have made it a preferred choice for contractors, providing a finish that can be rolled, t-barred, or padded on. While the price and customer service have been noted as potential drawbacks, Bona appears committed to addressing these concerns. It’s essential to factor in the shelf life of the product and consider the waste factor associated with the one-time use of the hardener.

In summary, Bona Traffic HD offers a reliable and durable waterborne finish, making it a top choice for contractors seeking high-performance results. The product’s reputation for reliability and quality, coupled with its compatibility with various wood finishes, positions it as a go-to solution for achieving a professional and enduring hardwood floor finish.

How long does it take for Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish to fully cure, and what precautions should be taken during the curing period?2023-12-10T19:35:15+00:00

In general, two-component flooring finishes, often known as waterborne finishes, can have relatively short drying times compared to traditional solvent-based finishes. However, complete curing, which involves the finish reaching its maximum hardness and durability, may take longer. Here are some general considerations:

  1. Initial Drying Time:
    • The initial drying time for each coat of Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish is typically relatively quick, often within a few hours. However, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for drying times between coats.
  2. Curing Time:
    • While the surface may feel dry after the initial drying period, full curing can take several days to a couple of weeks. The curing time can be influenced by factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
  3. Precautions During Curing:
    • During the curing period, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid damaging the finish. Some general precautions may include:
      • Avoid heavy furniture or equipment placement for an extended period.
      • Minimize foot traffic, especially heavy or sharp footwear.
      • Avoid sliding or dragging objects on the finished surface.
      • Keep the floor free from moisture, as excessive moisture can interfere with the curing process.
  4. Ventilation:
    • Adequate ventilation is crucial during the application and curing process. Ensure good airflow in the space to facilitate the drying and curing of the finish.
  5. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines:
    • Always adhere to the specific guidelines provided by Bona for the 2 Component Flooring Finish you are using. The manufacturer’s recommendations are essential for achieving optimal results.

If there have been updates or changes to the product information since my last update in January 2022, or for the most accurate and specific details, contacting Bona directly or referring to the latest product documentation is recommended.

What is the recommended application method for Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish, and how many coats are typically needed?2023-12-10T19:35:44+00:00

Recommended Application Method:

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • Ensure that the floor is clean, dry, and free from dust and contaminants. Sand the floor to create a smooth and even surface.
  2. Mix the Components:
    • Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish typically consists of two components that need to be mixed before application. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper mixing ratios.
  3. Stir Thoroughly:
    • Before applying, stir the mixed components thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of solids.
  4. Application Tools:
    • Use high-quality application tools, such as a synthetic brush, applicator pad, or a T-bar applicator, designed for waterborne finishes. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific tools.
  5. Application Technique:
    • Apply the finish evenly, working in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid puddling or over-application. Some products may recommend a specific application technique, such as a “wet edge” application.
  6. Drying Time Between Coats:
    • Follow the recommended drying time between coats as specified by Bona. This information is crucial to achieve proper adhesion and a smooth finish. Drying times can vary based on environmental conditions.
  7. Sand between Coats (if necessary):
    • Some waterborne finishes may recommend a light sanding between coats to promote adhesion. Check the product specifications for guidance on sanding.
  8. Number of Coats:
    • The number of coats needed can vary based on factors such as the type of wood, desired sheen level, and the specific product. Typically, two to three coats are applied for optimal results, but follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  9. Curing Time:
    • Allow the final coat to dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines before subjecting the floor to regular foot traffic or placing furniture.

Always refer to the specific product’s technical data sheet and application instructions provided by Bona for the most accurate and detailed information tailored to the 2 Component Flooring Finish you are using. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial to achieving the best results and ensuring the durability of the finished floor.

How do I properly mix and prepare the components before applying Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish?2023-12-10T19:36:14+00:00

Properly mixing and preparing the components before applying Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish is crucial for achieving optimal results. Here are general steps for mixing and preparing the components:

Before You Begin:

  1. Read the Technical Data Sheet: Refer to the technical data sheet provided by Bona for the specific product you are using. This document contains detailed information on mixing ratios, application instructions, and important considerations.
  2. Gather Equipment:
    • Ensure you have the necessary equipment, including a clean mixing container, a mixing paddle, and any other tools recommended by Bona.

Mixing Procedure:

  1. Component Identification:
    • Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish typically consists of two components: a resin (Component A) and a hardener (Component B). Ensure that you have both components and that they are correctly labeled.
  2. Measure Correct Ratios:
    • Accurately measure the required ratios of Component A and Component B. The mixing ratio is usually specified in the technical data sheet. Use a graduated mixing container to ensure precise measurements.
  3. Pour Component A:
    • Pour the measured amount of Component A (resin) into the mixing container. Use a clean container to avoid contamination.
  4. Add Component B:
    • Pour the measured amount of Component B (hardener) into the same mixing container with Component A. Always add the hardener to the resin, following the recommended mixing ratio.
  5. Mix Thoroughly:
    • Use a clean mixing paddle to thoroughly mix Components A and B. Stir the mixture carefully, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container to achieve a homogenous blend.
  6. Avoid Air Bubbles:
    • Mix the components slowly to minimize the introduction of air bubbles into the mixture. Air bubbles can affect the application and appearance of the finish.
  7. Use Immediately:
    • Once mixed, the Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish has a limited pot life, meaning it must be used within a specified time frame. Refer to the technical data sheet for the recommended pot life of the mixture.

Additional Tips:

  • If you are working with a large volume of finish, it’s crucial to mix only the amount that can be applied within the specified pot life to avoid waste.
  • Follow any additional instructions provided by Bona, such as specific mixing techniques or considerations for the ambient temperature.

Always follow the specific mixing guidelines provided by Bona for the particular 2 Component Flooring Finish you are using. The accuracy of the mixing process is essential to ensure the finish performs as intended and provides the desired results on the gym floor.

What is the key difference between Bona 2 Component Flooring Finishes and the 1 Component version?2023-12-10T19:36:38+00:00

he key difference between Bona 2 Component Flooring Finishes and the 1 Component version lies in the formulation and application process. The “2 Component” and “1 Component” designations refer to the number of components or parts that need to be mixed before application.

Bona 2 Component Flooring Finish:

  1. Two Components:
    • This type of finish consists of two separate components: Component A (resin) and Component B (hardener). These components need to be accurately measured and thoroughly mixed before application.
  2. Mixing:
    • Before applying the finish, the two components must be mixed to initiate the curing process. Mixing ensures that the resin and hardener combine to form a durable and protective finish.
  3. Pot Life:
    • Bona 2 Component Flooring Finishes typically have a limited pot life, meaning the mixture needs to be used within a specified timeframe after mixing. This pot life is determined by factors such as the formulation and environmental conditions.
  4. Curing Process:
    • The two components react chemically during the curing process, leading to the formation of a strong and durable finish on the floor. Curing times may vary based on the specific product.

Bona 1 Component Flooring Finish:

  1. Single Component:
    • In contrast, Bona 1 Component Flooring Finish comes pre-mixed and ready for application. It does not require on-site mixing of separate components.
  2. No Mixing:
    • Since it is a single-component finish, there is no need for the end-user to measure or mix separate resin and hardener components. This simplifies the application process.
  3. Ease of Use:
    • Bona 1 Component Flooring Finishes are often considered more user-friendly because they eliminate the need for precise mixing ratios and provide convenience for those who may not have experience with two-component systems.
  4. Curing Process:
    • The curing process for Bona 1 Component Flooring Finish is typically initiated once the finish is applied to the floor. It cures without the need for a separate hardener.

Choosing Between 2 Component and 1 Component:

  • Complexity: Two-component finishes are often chosen for their advanced properties and suitability for high-traffic areas. They may be preferred in professional settings where a more complex, durable finish is desired.
  • Simplicity: One-component finishes are often chosen for their simplicity and ease of use. They may be suitable for DIY applications or for situations where a quick and straightforward finish is desired.

The choice between Bona 2 Component and 1 Component Flooring Finishes depends on factors such as the desired level of durability, the user’s familiarity with application processes, and the specific requirements of the flooring project. Always refer to the product’s technical data sheet and application instructions for detailed information and suitability for your particular application.

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