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Advantages and Specifications of Bona R850T Trowel Glue:

  • 60min open time
  • No memory
  • Zero vocs
  • Moisture protection up to 95%
  • Super easy to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with Bona R540 Moisture Barrier

Product Brand: Bona
Product Currency: USD
Product Price: $140
Product In-Stock: Yes
Rustic’s Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bona R851 is a highly versatile and efficient trowelable glue, specifically designed as a silane-based wood flooring adhesive. This exceptional adhesive stands out for its remarkable green grab strength, ensuring that hardwood flooring installations are held firmly in place right from the start. What sets R851 apart is not only its outstanding initial adhesion but also its impressive shear strength, making it an excellent choice for ensuring the long-term durability and stability of your hardwood flooring.

Contractors who have worked with Bona R851 consistently praise its ease of use. Its user-friendly application process simplifies the hardwood flooring installation process, allowing for efficient and precise glue application. Equally important, this adhesive is known for its hassle-free cleanup, which can significantly streamline post-installation maintenance and save valuable time and effort.

One of the key advantages of Bona R851 is its rapid drying time, which is particularly beneficial in flooring projects where time is of the essence. This quick-drying feature minimizes the waiting period, enabling contractors to move on with subsequent phases of the project sooner, ultimately saving both time and labor costs.

Furthermore, Bona R851 exhibits a unique characteristic known as “no memory.” This means that once it’s applied and sets, the adhesive does not revert to its original state or exhibit any retraction, ensuring that your hardwood flooring remains securely bonded without any unsightly gaps or inconsistencies.

Due to its exceptional performance and ease of use, contractors often prefer Bona R851 as their adhesive of choice for a wide range of hardwood flooring projects. Its consistent quality and reliability make it a trusted companion, ensuring that each flooring installation is not only successful but also built to last.


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