Gym floors are significant undertakings typically managed by contractors, janitors, and general contractors. Ensuring the success of such projects hinges on utilizing top-quality materials. That’s where Rustic Wood Floor Supply steps in. With locations in Atlanta, Boise, and Spokane, we specialize in providing premium-grade gym floor sundries. From sandpaper to tape, paint to finish, sealer to applicators, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into a detailed look at each product and why it matters for your gym floor project:

Gym Sandpaper: At Rustic Wood Floor Supply, we proudly offer Norton gym flooring sandpaper in both discs and rolls. Why Norton? Not only is it top-notch quality, but it also comes at the most competitive pricing for our gym floor professionals. With a comprehensive stock of 20-30 rolls of each grit, we’re always prepared to fulfill your needs promptly. Norton provides a range of options, including red heat and blaze variations for rolls and discs. Additionally, we feature Norton Mesh Power, a premium choice for achieving a flawless finish without leaving swirl marks. Whether it’s the first coat or the final touch, Mesh Power ensures a pristine result.

Gym Finish & Sealer: Our inventory includes both oil-based and water-based flooring finish options. Exclusively offering Bona finish for our gym floor contractors, we maintain a substantial stock of 10 pallets of oil-based finish and a few of the water-based variety. Bona Sport Poly stands out as one of the most sought-after gym finishes globally. With our commitment to stocking pallets consistently, you can rest assured that fresh finish is always at your disposal, whether you’re ahead of schedule or need a last-minute replenishment.

Gym Tape: Gym flooring contractors rely heavily on tape for marking game lines and stencils. To meet these needs effectively, we provide both 3M and Norton tape options, ensuring durability and precision for your gym floor markings.

Gym Paint: For painting gym floors, our exclusive offering includes Bona paint in both water-based and oil-based formulations. With oil-based paint readily available in our stores and the option to order water-based paint if required, we prioritize versatility and quality. Bona paint boasts excellent build, fast drying times, and ease of application, guaranteeing a professional finish every time. Say goodbye to uneven, lackluster paint jobs—opt for Bona paint for results that truly stand out.

In essence, the quality of materials utilized in your gym floor project can significantly impact its outcome. With Rustic Wood Floor Supply’s premium offerings, you can elevate your project to new heights of excellence.