Bona Sealers are a renowned range of products in the wood flooring industry, known for enhancing the natural beauty and durability of hardwood floors. The Bona Sealer product line includes NordicSeal, NaturalSeal, ClassicSeal, IntenseSeal, and Amberseal. Each of these sealers has unique characteristics and benefits, making them suitable for different preferences and flooring needs.


NordicSeal is designed to impart a whitewashed look to the wood while maintaining its natural grain pattern. It’s an excellent choice for achieving a Scandinavian style or a light, airy feel in a space. This sealer not only adds a unique aesthetic but also provides a strong protective layer. It’s ideal for softwood species that can benefit from the added illusion of texture and depth.


As the name suggests, NaturalSeal is all about preserving and enhancing the natural appearance of the wood. This sealer is perfect for those who want to keep the original color and grain of their hardwood floors as intact as possible while still providing ample protection. It’s particularly popular among homeowners who prefer a minimalist or authentic natural wood look.


ClassicSeal is known for its traditional approach to sealing wood floors. It provides a warm amber tone that enriches the natural color of the wood. This product is a go-to for those who favor a classic, time-honored appearance. It’s often chosen for historic homes or spaces where a sense of warmth and tradition is desired.


IntenseSeal lives up to its name by offering a deeper and more intense color enhancement to the wood. This sealer is ideal for those looking to bring out the rich tones in their hardwood floors. It’s particularly effective on darker wood species, where it can deepen the color and add a luxurious, sophisticated feel.


Amberseal combines the traditional amber look of oil-based finishes with the durability and environmental benefits of a waterborne sealer. It’s designed to give the floor a warm, classic glow while being easier to apply and faster to dry than traditional oil-based sealers. Amberseal is a great choice for those who love the look of oil-finished floors but want the convenience and eco-friendliness of a water-based product.

Comparison and Usage

  • NordicSeal: Best for achieving a light, modern look. Suitable for softer woods and spaces needing a bright, open feel.
  • NaturalSeal: Ideal for maintaining the wood’s natural appearance. Great for minimalist designs or when preserving the original wood color is a priority.
  • ClassicSeal: Offers a warm, amber tone. Perfect for traditional or historic interiors where a classic wood look is desired.
  • IntenseSeal: Enhances and deepens the wood’s natural color. Excellent for darker woods and spaces where a rich, sophisticated atmosphere is aimed for.
  • Amberseal: Combines the beauty of oil-based finishes with the practicality of waterborne sealers. Suitable for those who want a traditional look without the drawbacks of oil-based products.

Application and Maintenance

The application process for Bona Sealers is generally straightforward, but it requires precision and careful preparation of the wood surface. It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Most Bona Sealers are applied using a roller or brush, and it’s important to allow adequate drying time between coats.

For maintenance, regular cleaning with products designed for hardwood floors is recommended. Bona also offers a range of cleaning and maintenance products that are compatible with their sealers, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection of the wood floors.

Environmental and Health Considerations

Bona is committed to sustainability and health safety in its products. Most of their sealers, including those in the NordicSeal, NaturalSeal, ClassicSeal, IntenseSeal, and Amberseal lines, are water-based. This means they have lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions compared to traditional oil-based products, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.


Bona’s range of sealers offers versatile options for enhancing and protecting hardwood floors. Whether you’re looking for a light, natural finish or a rich, traditional look, there’s a Bona Sealer that can meet your needs. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ease of use makes them a popular choice among professionals and homeowners alike. With the right selection and proper application, Bona Sealers can significantly enhance the beauty and longevity of hardwood floors, ensuring they remain a timeless and elegant feature of any space.