Cordalera Silver City Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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  • Thickness – 5.5MM
  • Wear Layer – 20MIL
  • Width – 7-1/4″
  • Structure – SPC 74% Stone
  • Pad – 1.5MM EVA Padding
  • Coating – UV Aluminum Oxide

Take a trip to Silver City Idaho with our lavish Silver City SPC design. Encapsulating the bustling, richness of the mining boom of the 1900s, this flooring blends muted silvers and golds together in a delightful pattern. Silver City will bring a feeling of luxury to any room, regardless of size. More Info at

Cordalera Silver City FAQ & Information

What does mm vs mil mean in luxury vinyl flooring?2023-12-11T16:59:57+00:00

This is a common question mm is for the total lvp thickness. and mil is for the thickness of the wear layer.

Common mistakes when installing luxury vinyl planks?2023-12-11T16:46:55+00:00
  1. It is important to ensure the luxury vinyl flooring planks are snapped in correctly.
  2. Sub floor needs to be in spec of 3/16 over 8 feet. This ensures that the floor is flat and wont crack/break.
Why does stone matter in luxury vinyl plank?2023-12-11T16:45:04+00:00

Maintaining a stone content of over 65% is crucial to ensure the stability of luxury vinyl plank flooring, preventing shifts with seasonal weather changes. By prioritizing a higher stone content, you can be confident that the flooring will endure for decades, providing lasting durability and resilience.

Luxury Vinyl Plank stands out as the optimal flooring choice, seamlessly blending the durability of stone, the aesthetic appeal of wood, and the cozy warmth of vinyl flooring. Cordalera offers premium Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, meeting all your flooring requirements while maintaining an impressive visual appeal.

Homeowners delight in the luxurious sensation of SPC Luxury Vinyl flooring underfoot, discovering that it not only provides comfort for standing and walking but also boasts an appealing aesthetic. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring employs printed vinyl designs on its surface, creating a flooring appearance enhanced with embossing for both texture and comfort. Cordalera’s flooring can be effortlessly installed above radiant heating or underfloor heating, elevating the warmth factor for your living spaces.

This product is stocked in Boise, Atlanta, Spokane.

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