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Key Beneifts of Pall-X Filler

  • Matches every wood
  • Easy to mix
  • No wasted product
  • Simple to spread

PALL-X FILLER is a patented fiber-reinforced wood filler compound that is suitable for use with solid strip, plank, engineered, and parquet flooring. One of the unique features of this filler is that it uses sanding dust to create a perfect color match for your flooring. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, PALL-X FILLER is a reliable and effective choice for filling in gaps and imperfections in your wood flooring.

Pall-X Filler Inspiration Photos

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Pallmann Pall-X Filler FAQ’s

Can you apply Classic+ finish directly over stain?2022-08-13T03:23:01+00:00

Yes, you are able to coat stain directly over with Arboritec Classic+ finish. If you want a more vibrant look, we recommend using Vibrant sealer to make the stian pop more. Then coat the floor with Classic+ after Coating the floor with Vibrant.

What sealer should I use with Classic+?2022-08-13T03:23:27+00:00

We recommend using First Coat or Vibrant sealer by Arboritec. These sealers are meant to work with all the Arboritec finishes. However, if you buff you are able to use other sealers if needed.

Can you apply Classic+ finish with a roller?2022-08-13T03:23:34+00:00

Yes, you can roller Arboritec Classic+. You are also able to use a t-bar and pad as well.

How is Arboritec Classic+ to apply on a hardwood floor?2022-08-13T03:24:00+00:00

Classic+ is an easy finish to apply. You will notice it is generally easier to use than Avenue. The reason for the ease of use is because it is a 1 part componenet, with no hardener you have longer open times for workability.

Does Classic+ have caramic particles?2022-08-13T03:24:17+00:00

Yes, all Arboritec finishes use ceramic in thier finishes to increase durability.

Is Arboritec Classic+ finish durable?2022-08-13T03:24:26+00:00

Yes, Arboritec Classic+ finish is very durable. While it is a 1 componenet finish that doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. You will get about 85% of the durability of a 2 part finish. Most residential homes will never notice a difference.

Does Arboritec Classic+ go bad after using?2022-08-13T03:24:37+00:00

No, Arboritec Classic+ finish does not go bad if you do not use it all at one time. This finish does not use a hardener so the pot life is not an issue. This finish should be good for 6-12 months after opening.

Technical Specs for Pall-X Filler

Packaging: 1 U.S. plastic gallon (3.78 Liters)
Color: Yellow when wet, color-matched to species when dry
Stability: At least 12 months
Mixing Ratio: Blend to a paste consistency that can be trowel applied
Working Temp.: 65–75 °F (18–25 °C) for optimum performance
Coverage Rate: Approx. 400 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on floor condition
Ready for Sanding: 20 – 25 minutes
Storage: Store between 50 – 70 °F (10 – 20 °C). Keep from freezing.


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