Pallmann Spider

Key Beneifts of Spider 

  • Heavy-duty construction •
  • Adjustable RPM – 80-400RPM
  • Simple to maneuver around
  • Offers amazing flat floors

The Pallmann Spider is a powerful and versatile sanding machine that is designed to deliver perfectly sanded surfaces every time. It is easy to use, quiet in operation, and provides excellent dust containment, making it easy to connect to dust containment systems.

One of the standout features of the Pallmann Spider is its innovative drive mechanism. It is equipped with a high-power drive and variable rotation speed of 50-400 RPM, which enables it to remove old layers of lacquer from all types of wood floors, even engineered floors where the remaining wood may not be thick enough for conventional sanding. With its locking plate, it is suitable for heavy-duty sanding, while without the locking plate, it is ideal for intermediate sanding and finishing.

The Pallmann Spider is also designed to provide controlled and clean, dust-free sanding. Its triple disc plate has a diameter of 400 mm, allowing it to sand close to the wall within 1 inch, reducing the need for edge sanding. It is also equipped with a variable handle adjustment, making it ergonomically suited to the needs of the user. Easy cleaning, large strong wheels with non-marking tires, and efficient dust sealing make this machine easy to move and maintain. It also comes with a stainless steel adapter for the vacuum, providing powerful extraction.

For sandpaper, we recommend using Red Heat or Orange Blaze, both of which are suitable for all types of jobs. Overall, the Pallmann Spider is a reliable and effective choice for any sanding project.

**For a sandpaper we recommend red heat or orange blaze. Both these are able to work for every job you do.

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Pallmann Spider Sander FAQ’s

Does the Spider have good dust control?2022-08-21T20:22:35+00:00

Absolutely. The Pallmann Spider is likely around 98% dust free with a good vacuum. We advise to use a dust seperator as there is a lot of dust produced.

Why does the spider produce less scratches than a buffer?2022-08-21T20:10:13+00:00

The machine uses 3 heads which create 3 different scratches going that overlap at once. The Spider is unlike a traditional buffer that makes a full circle pass on the same scratch plane. With a spider you will never get a circular scratch pattern. Another reason is the Pallmann Spider RPM adjustment allows for a much faster spinning head creating millions of smaller scratch undetectable to the eye.

What size sandpaper does the Pallmann Spider use?2022-08-21T20:11:09+00:00

The Pallmann Spider uses 7″ hook and loop. We recommend Norton Red Heat & the Mesh Power as it performs the best.


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