Wakol MS-262 Sausage Glue2023-12-09T02:55:08+00:00
Wakol MS 262 Sausage Glue

Key Beneifts of MS 262 Sausage 

  • Easy to setup
  • Great for glue assist
  • Works with PU 280
  • No mess

Loba MS-262 sausage glue is a firm yet flexible, one-component adhesive that is perfect for use in a variety of hardwood flooring applications, including glue assist, repairs, and edge gluing. It comes in a convenient 20 oz sausage bag for easy application and is specifically designed for the interior installation of end-matched solid and engineered wood flooring.

This glue works well with PU 280 and MS 260 trowel glues and is a reliable choice for any flooring project. Whether you are installing a new floor or making repairs, Loba MS-262 sausage glue is an excellent choice for ensuring that your hardwood flooring is securely and effectively attached.

MS 262 Sausage FAQ’s

(we carry the 20oz size)

Does the MS 262 Sausage glue work well with sold and engineered flooring?2022-08-18T16:56:55+00:00

Yes, the MS 262 works great for both applications. We advise to still nail with glue assisting.

How many Sq ft. does a tube of MS 262 glue cover?2022-08-18T16:55:16+00:00

One tube does 9sq ft. but since you are probably doing lines or s pattern application you should get 30-60 sq ft.

I dropped MS 262 glue on the floor – what now?2022-08-18T16:50:04+00:00

Just get a microfiber towel and clean it up or use Loba clean towels. It is ideal to clean before it dries. Once dried it can be harder to clean up.

How do I load the sausage gun and make no mess?2022-08-18T16:49:01+00:00

You put the sausge in the tub and then once in take dike cutters and snip right below the metal tag. Once cut you put the top on and you are off to the races.

Technical Specs for Wakol 262 Sausage

Coverage Approx. 500 – 600 sq ft per gallon
Storage & Working Temp: Store between 50° and 70°F (10-20°C)* and apply at room temperature 65-80°F (18-25°C) for best results**
Application Tools: Sausage Gun
Open Time: 40 Min
Foot Traffic: light foot traffic after 6 to 8 hours
Cure Time: full traffic after 24 to 48 hours depending on room climate on job site
Spread Rate: one foil tube (20 fl.oz) will cover approx. 9 sq.ft. applied in beads
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