ROTEX RO 125 FEQ-Plus-1

Key Beneifts of the Rotex RO 125

  • Sanding off old paint and varnish
  • Sanding wooden materials
  • Renovation work such as sanding steps
  • Preliminary and coarse sanding of repair compound
  • Hologram-free polishing
  • Working on vertical surfaces

The ROTEX RO 125 is a versatile tool that can be used for various applications. It features a powerful motor and combines eccentric and orbital motion, allowing it to remove material three times faster than conventional eccentric sanders. The Festool RO 125 has three tools in one, making it suitable for coarse sanding, fine sanding, and polishing. It also has a healthy and efficient dust extraction system called the Jetstream principle, which helps to keep the work surface clean. The FastFix sanding pad system allows for tool-less pad changes, making it easy to use. The RO 125 is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle, making it perfect for non-tiring work. When paired with the GRANAT abrasive, it can save money and minimize the use of sandpaper. It is also compatible with mobile dust extractors, making it easier to clean up after use. The Festool RO 125 has a comfortable, ergonomic design with a compact housing and soft-grip gripping surfaces that fit perfectly in the hand.

  • A powerful motor and combination of eccentric and orbital motion removes material three times faster than conventional eccentric sanders
  • Three tools in one for coarse sanding, fine sanding and polishing
  • Healthy, efficient dust extraction with the Jetstream principle
  • FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less
  • Compact, lightweight and handy for non-tiring work
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Festool Rotex RO 125 FAQ’s

Technical Specs for Festool Rotex RO 125

Power Consumption: 500w
ROTEX rotary motion speed: 300-600 min⁻¹
Eccentric motion speed: 3 000 – 6 000 min⁻¹
Sanding stroke:
3.60 mm
FastFix sanding pad dia.:
125.00 mm
Dust extraction connection diameter: 27mm
Cable length: 4m
Product weight: 2.3kg