3m Sandpaper Flooring logoRustic Floor Supply in Boise offers 3M sandpaper for hardwood flooring. 3M sandpaper is a highly regarded option for floor sanding, due in part to the minerals used in its construction. Its predictability in terms of scratch patterns sets it apart from other brands. One particular type of 3M sandpaper, called Regalite, is made with a blend of aluminum and ceramic, making it effective at removing old finishes. Regalite is a popular option among Boise contractors. Regalite sandpaper is also known for its durability, with belts and edger discs lasting longer than those offered by competitors.

The Regalite sandpaper from 3M is known for its long lifespan, even when used on belts. Its edger discs are also highly effective at removing coatings and do not need to be changed out frequently. This sandpaper works well on a variety of floor finishes and wood types. In addition, it is easy to identify as it is typically purple in color.

3M Sandpaper Company Photos

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3M Sandpaper Discs

3M’s Disc sandpaper is designed for use with edgers, orbitals, and planetary sanders. It has a sturdy backing that allows for consistent sanding and extended use. These sandpaper discs come in various sizes, including 5″, 6″, 7″, and 8″, and are made with Regalite minerals, making them effective for sanding. They are also effective at quickly cutting through a floor and have long-lasting power.

3M Buffer Discs

3M also offers sandpaper in the form of buffer discs, which are available in 16″ sizes. These discs are a popular choice for flooring contractors and can be found in many contractors’ trucks and trailers. 3M offers a wide range of sandpaper for buffers, including options for sanding hardwood floors, applying stains, and performing inter-coat abrasion. There are even materials designed specifically for cleaning.

3M Sandpaper Belts

3M’s Regalite sanding belts come in various widths and lengths to fit a range of sanders. The company offers 8″, 10″, and 12″ belts to accommodate multiple machines. These belts are known for their durability, strong cutting power, and popularity among contractors. The signature purple color is a hallmark of the Regalite brand, making it easy to identify a high-quality belt.

3M History

3M is a company that has a long and rich history in the abrasives industry. It was founded in 1905 in Duluth, Minnesota, and later moved to St. Paul. Over the past 100 years, 3M has grown significantly and is now a Fortune 100 company with operations in more than 70 countries and sales in over 200 countries.

One of the major milestones in 3M’s history was the creation of Tree-M-Ite sandpaper during World War I. This product had a major impact on the company’s profits and helped to revolutionize the sandpaper industry. Tree-M-Ite sandpaper featured a thick cloth backing, a feature that is still used today. In 2002, 3M introduced Regalite sandpaper, which has become a staple in the company’s product line.

Innovation has played a key role in 3M’s success. Over one-third of the company’s sales come from products that were introduced within the past five years. This focus on innovation has helped to keep 3M at the forefront of a variety of industries and has earned the company a spot on the Fortune 500 list. 3m is a staple in the Boise hardwood industry and the long product history is part of why this is such a trusted brand.