Arboritec Finishes for hardwood floors

Arboritec Finishes for hardwood floors

Rustic Floor Supply offers and sells Arboritec at our Boise, Idaho location. Arboritec offers a full lineup of waterborne or water-based flooring finishes and sealers. These finishes have proven to be a great option over the years and are loved by contractors and homeowners alike. The easy-to-use application is part of what makes contractors love these products. While Arboritec is a smaller company, they offer high-end coatings that stand the test of time. When finishing a floor, you need to choose a sealer as well as a finishing product. Arboritec offers a full line of floor finishes as well as sealers and maintenance products. When applying Arboritec flooring finish you have a quick turn around time and can apply new coats within 2-3 hours. The fast drying time allows homeowners to use their floors quickly and helps save time for contractors.

Arboritec is a company that specializes in producing hardwood flooring finishes, penetrating oils, and maintenance products. They are known for their innovative approach and strive to stay at the forefront of technological advances in the flooring industry. Their finishes are known for their durability, protection, fast cure times, and excellent flow and leveling properties. Arboritec is based in Sweden and has several distribution centers in the United States to ensure that their products are always fresh and readily available. Finish arrives quickly to Boise, Idaho ensuring we can get the products you need quickly.

In addition to offering a range of floor finishes, Arboritec also provides sealers and maintenance products. Their waterborne or water-based flooring finishes and sealers are highly popular among contractors and homeowners due to their easy-to-use application and long-lasting performance. Contractors in Boise love the sealer choices and the colors they create even on waterbased floors. One of the key benefits of using Arboritec flooring finishes is their fast drying time, which allows for quick turnaround and the ability to apply new coats within 2-3 hours. This fast drying time is convenient for homeowners who want to use their floors as soon as possible, and it helps contractors save time on their projects.

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Arboritec Sealers

Waterborne sealers play a crucial role in the finishing process of hardwood floors. They provide the foundation for a flawless and long-lasting finish that both contractors and homeowners can be proud of. Arboritec offers a range of waterborne sealers that can be used to achieve different looks on a floor. These sealers are also effective as sanding sealers, helping to smooth out grain raise and create a super smooth finish. Choosing the right waterborne sealer is an important step in ensuring that the hardwood flooring project is a success.

Arboritec 1 Component Finishes

One component water-based flooring finishes are a popular choice for many households due to their ease of use and versatility. Arboritec’s one component flooring finish is a high build, easy-to-use product that provides excellent results. It has a smooth flow and a beautiful sheen, making it suitable for residential or light commercial use. One component flooring finishes are a convenient option as they do not require any mixing and tend to be less harmful to humans. Arboritec’s one component hardwood flooring finishes are a reliable choice for any flooring project.

Arboritec 2 Component Finishes

Arboritec offers a wide variety of two component water-based flooring finishes, each with its own unique sheen. From ultra-low or no sheen to 100% gloss, there is a finish to suit every preference. These two component finishes are ideal for use in high-traffic commercial settings or busy households, as they are designed to withstand heavy use. Arboritec’s two component flooring finishes are a durable and reliable choice for any flooring project.

Arboritec Miracle Oil

Arboritec’s Miracle Oil is a two-part wood floor penetrating oil designed to withstand extreme wear and tear. This type of finish bonds directly to the wood fibers, providing a durable and long-lasting finish. It is also easily repairable if necessary. Miracle Oil can be used in both commercial and residential settings and is ideal for floors that are subjected to heavy use.

Arboritec Cleaning Kit

Clean your floors with ease with the Arboritec Cleaning kit. This kit is designed for all hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring. The spray mop has a built-in solution holder to make it easy to re-wet the floor for further cleaning. This cleaning kit is durable and easy to use.