Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Boise

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spc core luxury vinyl flooringRustic Floor Supply offers Luxury Vinyl flooring at our Boise, Idaho location. At Rustic Wood Floor Supply, we have traditionally focused on hardwood flooring, but have recently expanded our offerings to include luxury vinyl flooring as well. This type of flooring is a great choice for a variety of customers due to its versatility, durability, and affordability. It is particularly well-suited for rooms that may be exposed to more moisture, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or restaurants, as it is resistant to water absorption and expansion. We highly recommend SPC luxury vinyl for those looking for a high-quality, long-lasting flooring option.

Cordalera Enduro Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 7.25″ x 48″ Planks

Cordalera Enduro Max Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 9″ x 60″ Planks

Urban SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Urban Floor offers a fantastic selection of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring (LVP) at an attractive price point. Their LVP is known for its durability and wide range of color options, making it easy to find a style that fits your space. Urban Floor’s commitment to producing top-quality products is evident in the durability and lasting performance of their LVP, making it a great value for customers. If you are in need of new flooring and want to consider luxury vinyl as an option, we highly recommend checking out Urban Floor’s offerings.

Fine Sands

6mm wear layer, 7″ wide & 20 mil thickness

urban floor Maldives luxury vinyl
urban floor BoraBora luxury vinyl
urban floor Santorini luxury vinyl
urban floor bali luxury vinyl
urban floor st. lucia luxury vinyl
urban floor Capri luxury vinyl
urban floor Anguilla luxury vinyl
urban floor aspen luxury vinyl
urban floor fiji luxury vinyl
urban floor Snowmass luxury vinyl


5.5mm wear layer, 7″ wide & 20 mil thickness

urban floor Whitewater luxury vinyl
urban floor Havasu luxury vinyl
urban floor Cumberland luxury vinyl
urban floor Shoshone luxury vinyl
urban floor Toccoa luxury vinyl
urban floor Palouse luxury vinyl
urban floor Niagara luxury vinyl
urban floor Alamere luxury vinyl
urban floor Yosemite luxury vinyl
urban floor Latourell luxury vinyl
urban floor Marion luxury vinyl
urban floor sandstone luxury vinyl
urban floor yellowstone luxury vinyl
urban floor Kaaterskill luxury vinyl
urban floor destoto luxury vinyl
urban floor mesa luxury vinyl
urban floor spokane luxury vinyl
urban floor Manitou luxury vinyl
urban floor silkverthread luxury vinyl
urban floor ithaca luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl SPC Flooring FAQ’s

Does luxury vinyl spc flooring get affected by heat?2022-11-07T19:28:05+00:00

It can be confusing what is and isnt affected by heat. Any easy way to know is if the title has SPC in it. SPC is unaffected by the sun up to 240 degrees. Ridgid core and luxury vinyl without the SPC core is affected at around 95 degrees.

Can you install luxury vinyl spc in commerical spaces?2022-11-07T15:50:04+00:00

Yes, our 20mil product is meant for commerical spaces. You are able to use the 12mil in light comerical areas as well with certainty it will last.

Is the pad attached to the brands of luxury vinyl spc you sell?2022-11-07T15:41:37+00:00

Yes, our luxury vinyl spc flooring options all have the pad attached. You do not need to put extra padding down.

What are the main specs to look at when deciding on luxury vinyl flooring?2022-11-07T15:35:40+00:00

The main spec for all luxury vinyl is the stone content. The stone content makes it so the product is stable. A low ston content (less than 69%) will move in heat through a window.

Luxury Vinyl Brands We Sell

At Rustic Wood Floor Supply, we specialize in offering top-quality SPC luxury vinyl flooring. SPC, or stone core, luxury vinyl is our preferred choice due to its superior structure and resistance to expansion when exposed to temperature changes. We understand that many traditional vinyl flooring products can be prone to failure in the early years of use, leading to frustration for customers. That’s why we carefully curate our selection of luxury vinyl brands to ensure that we are offering only the highest-quality products that will stand the test of time. If you are in need of durable, stylish flooring for your business or home, we highly recommend considering SPC luxury vinyl as a top choice.

cordalera spc luxury vinyl flooring
Urban Floor Engineered Hardwood Floors

The Different Variations of Luxury Vinyl

When shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Boise, it is important to do your research and ensure you are getting a high-quality product. Avoid making hasty or uninformed purchases, as this can result in a flooring product with major flaws or shortcomings that may require a costly and time-consuming replacement or repair. To ensure you are getting a floor that you will love, with the durability and stability you need, make sure to ask the following questions before making a purchase:

  • What is the brand and reputation of the flooring manufacturer?
  • What is the warranty and return policy for the product?
  • How does the product perform in terms of water resistance, scratch resistance, and stability?
  • Is the product easy to maintain and clean?
  • Does the product come in the style and color options that you desire? These points will help you make an informed decision when purchasing luxury vinyl flooring, whether from Rustic Wood Floor Supply or any other retailer.

The Luxury Vinyl Flooring Questions to Ask

What is the stone content?

  • Stone content is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing luxury vinyl flooring, as it determines the durability and longevity of the product. A product with lower stone content (around 40-65%) is more prone to movement when exposed to temperature changes, which can lead to cracks or other issues. It is important to know the stone content of an LVP, SPC, rigid core, or luxury vinyl product before making a purchase to ensure you are getting a high-quality, long-lasting floor.

What “click system” is used?

  • The click system refers to the method used to connect the individual planks or tiles of luxury vinyl flooring. A good click system, such as Valinge 2.0, Valinge 5.0, or Unilin, will ensure that the floor stays connected and is not prone to damage over time. A poor click system can result in butt joints moving and breaking, as well as decreased pressure resistance at the joints. It is important to choose a floor with a reliable click system to ensure long-term performance.

How thick is the overall material?

    • The thickness of the overall material is another important factor to consider when purchasing luxury vinyl flooring. Too-thick material can make installation difficult and potentially compromise the integrity of the floor, while too-thin material may not be durable enough in the long term. We recommend choosing a product with a thickness of around 5.5mm or 6.5mm, as this provides a good balance of strength and ease of installation.
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