cordalera spc luxury vinyl flooringRustic Floor Supply offers and sells Cordalera LVP and Engineered hardwood at our Boise, Idaho location. Cordalera Floors is a high-end luxury vinyl flooring and engineered hardwood flooring company based in Boise, Idaho. They offer a wide range of modern and contemporary colors for both engineered hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl floors. The Cordalera Floors collection is designed in Boise by Shelly and is made with everyday use in mind, with a focus on producing high-quality products at affordable prices. Rather than relying on marketing to build its reputation, Cordalera Floors focuses on creating a reputation for quality through the organic production of its products.

Cordalera Lakes Colletion – Engineered Hardwood Flooring

5/8″ Thick | 4mm Veneer | UV Finish

Cordalera Enduro Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 7.25″ x 48″ Planks

Cordalera Enduro Max Luxury Vinyl SPC

20Mil | 5.5MM | 9″ x 60″ Planks

About Cordalera Engineered Flooring

Cordalera engineered hardwood flooring epitomizes excellence as a top-tier, superior choice. This flooring collection is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, boasting a thick veneer, wide planks, and a resilient aluminum oxide top coat. In a market where quality is often compromised, Cordalera stands out by offering unparalleled craftsmanship without sacrificing affordability. Opting for Cordalera means making a wise investment in enduring quality for your home.

About Cordalera Luxury Vinyl Flooring Flooring

Cordalera luxury vinyl flooring presents a top-tier flooring option at an unbeatable price point. Unlike other prominent brands, Cordalera provides premium specifications without the hefty price tag. With the highest stone content among SPC offerings, Cordalera ensures a durable floor that remains stable even in fluctuating temperatures. Utilizing the Valinge 2g click system guarantees a seamless fit, robust connection, and enduring results, preventing planks from separating over time. In summary, Cordalera’s luxury vinyl flooring options for SPC rank among the finest available, offering exceptional value for your investment.