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Rustic Floor Supply in Atlanta provides 3M sandpaper tailored for hardwood flooring. Renowned for its excellence in floor sanding, 3M sandpaper owes its reputation in part to the quality minerals integrated into its construction. What distinguishes it from other brands is its consistent scratch patterns. Among the array of 3M sandpapers, one notable type, Regalite, is crafted with a combination of aluminum and ceramic, rendering it highly effective in stripping away old finishes. Regalite stands as a preferred choice among Altanta, Georgia flooring contractors. Notably durable, Regalite sandpaper boasts longer-lasting belts and edger discs compared to those offered by competitors.

The Regalite sandpaper by 3M is celebrated for its extended lifespan, even under the demands of belt usage. Its edger discs exhibit high efficacy in coating removal, requiring less frequent replacement. This sandpaper proves effective across various floor finishes and wood types. Additionally, its distinctive purple color makes it easily identifiable

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3M Sandpaper Discs

3M’s Disc sandpaper is crafted for compatibility with edgers, orbitals, and planetary sanders. Featuring a robust backing, it enables uniform sanding and prolonged usage. Available in sizes ranging from 5″, 6″, 7″, to 8″, these sandpaper discs are constructed with Regalite minerals, enhancing their effectiveness in sanding applications. Known for swiftly cutting through floors, they also exhibit enduring power, ensuring long-lasting performance.

3M Buffer Discs

3M provides buffer discs in 16″ sizes, catering to various needs. These discs are favored by flooring contractors and are commonly stowed in flooring contractors’ trucks and trailers. 3M presents an extensive selection of sandpaper for buffers, encompassing choices for sanding hardwood floors, applying stains, and conducting inter-coat abrasion. Additionally, specialized materials are available for cleaning purposes.

3M Sandpaper Belts

3M’s Regalite sanding belts are available in a variety of widths and lengths to suit different sanders. The company provides belts in 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes to cater to a diverse range of machines. Renowned for their durability, robust cutting power, and widespread popularity among contractors, these belts bear the distinctive purple color that is a hallmark of the Regalite brand. This color makes it simple to recognize a high-quality belt.

3M History

3M boasts a venerable history in the abrasives industry, tracing its roots back to its establishment in 1905 in Duluth, Minnesota, before later relocating to St. Paul. In the century that followed, 3M experienced substantial growth, evolving into a Fortune 100 company with a presence in over 70 countries and sales spanning more than 200 countries.

A pivotal moment in 3M’s journey occurred during World War I with the development of Tree-M-Ite sandpaper. This product not only significantly impacted the company’s profits but also revolutionized the sandpaper industry. Notably, Tree-M-Ite introduced a thick cloth backing, a feature that remains integral to sandpaper today. In 2002, 3M introduced Regalite sandpaper, a product that has since become a cornerstone of the company’s product line.

The commitment to innovation has been a linchpin of 3M’s success, with over one-third of the company’s sales attributed to products introduced within the past five years. This relentless focus on innovation has positioned 3M at the forefront of various industries, earning the company a coveted spot on the Fortune 500 list. In the Boise hardwood industry, 3M stands as a trusted brand, and its enduring product history is a testament to why it remains a staple in the field.