american sanders logoRustic Floor Supply, situated in Georgia, offers American Sanders at our Atlanta location. American Sanders, a company based in North Carolina, USA, specializes in manufacturing floor sanding machines. These machines have earned high acclaim in the hardwood flooring industry for their exceptional performance and efficiency. Renowned for their capability to quickly sand floors and effectively cut through finishes, they prove especially valuable for tackling old finishes in the historic homes abundant in Atlanta, Georgia. American Sanders stands as a top choice when seeking a dependable and well-crafted machine for hardwood floor sanding. Their product range encompasses a variety of offerings to assist in completing your sanding project comprehensively. Atlanta contractors place trust in American Sanders, and rightfully so, as all their machines are 100% American-made, ensuring superior quality and dependability.

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Belt Sanders

Belt sanders stand out as a favored option for sanding floors, thanks to their innovative design that facilitates convenient belt changes for operators. Their efficiency extends to producing a smoother finish with minimal chatter on the floor. Hardwood belt sanders are recognized as a sophisticated tool for effectively stripping floors down to bare or flat wood, offering a generally user-friendly experience.

Drum Sanders

Drum sanders, initially crafted for hardwood floors, are a type of sanding machine renowned for their robust sanding capabilities, facilitating the swift removal of finishes. Commonly employed for sanding gym floors and expansive open areas, these machines also find application in sanding residential floors. Drum sanders are esteemed as dependable and industrious tools, playing an essential role in numerous hardwood flooring projects. Despite their age in design, professionals in the industry widely utilize them due to their enduring effectiveness.

american sanders 12" drum sander

Drum Sander


Flooring edgers serve as specialized tools designed for sanding the edges and corners of a floor, areas inaccessible to drum or belt sanders. Notably smaller and more maneuverable than their larger counterparts, edgers excel at sanding the perimeter of a room, as well as navigating tight spaces and corners. They prove effective across a spectrum of flooring materials, encompassing wood, concrete, and terrazzo. Flooring professionals frequently employ edgers to prepare floors for refinishing or to smooth out rough or uneven areas. Some edgers come equipped with dust-collection systems, contributing to the reduction of dust generated during the sanding process.


Buffers, a longstanding fixture in the hardwood flooring industry, are a type of floor sanding machine. American Sanders provides buffers in different head sizes, with 16″ width being the most prevalent. Engineered to spin and sand the floor utilizing various attachments and sandpaper types, buffers are widely used in schools, businesses, and other public facilities. Renowned for their versatility, these machines can tackle a diverse array of tasks, making them indispensable tools for professionals in Atlanta operating in the hardwood flooring industry

Planetary Sanders

Orbital or planetary sanders, available through American Sanders, represent a category of floor sanding machines. Distinguished by multiple heads spinning in different directions, these machines contribute to achieving an even, smooth sand on a floor while minimizing scratches from sandpaper. Particularly adept at flattening hardwood floors, they are generally regarded as easier to use and master compared to other types of sanders, as they do not cut on just one side. Orbital or planetary sanders stand as crucial tools for professionals in the hardwood flooring industry, recognized for their performance and efficiency.

Company History

Clarke, now recognized as American Sanders, traces its origins to founder Alex A. Clark, who was motivated to establish the company due to dissatisfaction with the subpar quality of bar tops in the establishments he frequented. In 1916, he developed the initial bar top restorer, which, while losing popularity, evolved into the first-floor buffer with the addition of a pole—a pivotal innovation that laid the groundwork for Clarke’s (now American Sanders) success.

During the 1950s, Clarke underwent substantial growth and innovation, introducing groundbreaking products like the FM Floor Maintainer, the DU-8 Rental Sander, and the pioneering battery-operated auto scrubber, the Clarke-A-Matic. Sales soared, reaching an annual figure of 9 million. The company experienced various ownership changes throughout the 1950s and beyond.

Presently, American Sanders, formerly known as Clarke, manufactures floor sanding machines in Sparta, North Carolina for Pioneer Eclipse. The company boasts a comprehensive lineup of flooring machines, encompassing those designed for hardwood floor restoration and sanding. Renowned for its innovative products and steadfast commitment to quality, American Sanders has emerged as a leader in the flooring industry.

Key milestones in history include:

  • 1959: Clarke is acquired by Studebaker and introduces the FM Floor Maintainer.
  • 1965: Introduction of the first Dual Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner, the Model 550.
  • 1971: Production of the 1,000,000th FM Floor Maintainer.
  • 2015: American Sanders and Pioneer Eclipse jointly launch the TimberGuard line of water-based hardwood floor products.