duraseal logoRustic Floor Supply offers Duraseal products at our Atlanta, Georgia, location. Duraseal, a trusted brand with over a century of history, has been manufacturing its products in the United States. They have made a significant impact in the wood flooring industry by providing a diverse range of products including stains, sealers, fillers, finishes, and maintenance items. Originally, Duraseal was established to cater to the needs of both the wood flooring and asphalt and concrete industries.

Duraseal has continued to thrive and innovate over the years, mirroring the growth seen in other hardwood flooring companies. Their quick-dry stains, which offer an outstanding finished look and a wide array of available colors, have gained popularity among hardwood floor companies in Atlanta. Duraseal remains dedicated to delivering top-quality products that align with the requirements of its customers and contribute to the enhancement of the beauty and longevity of wood flooring. Many customers & Contractors in Atlanta prefer Duraseal stain colors for their projects.

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Duraseal Stains

Duraseal stains are highly esteemed within the hardwood flooring industry for their vibrant hues, outstanding performance, and exceptional visual appeal. They are known for their quick-coat stains, which can dry in as little as 2 hours, and can be coated with either Duraseal’s water-based or oil-based finishes. Offering over 70 different variations, Duraseal stains have become the benchmark for hardwood floor color options.

Duraseal oil-based stains are widely considered some of the best available and have remained a top choice for contractors over many years. These stains have evolved in alignment with the evolving needs of Atlanta flooring contractors and have consistently delivered exceptional results. Duraseal’s extensive color lineup sets the industry standard and is a trusted choice for both professionals and homeowners alike.

Duraseal 1 Component Waterbased Finishes

Duraseal offers a range of one-component finishes that are user-friendly and yield exceptional results. These finishes come in two variants: a lower-end finish suitable for residential applications and a higher-end finish suitable for use in areas with light commercial traffic. Each finish provides a distinct appearance – one is designed to mimic the look of an oil-based finish while remaining water-based, while the other is 100% clear.

Duraseal Polyurethane, the lower-end finish, is known for its ease of use and its ability to enhance the look of your wood flooring. It is also a cost-effective option, although it may not be the most durable choice among one-component finishes. Nevertheless, it produces a stunning finish and is a reliable choice for both professional contractors and homeowners seeking to improve the appearance of their wood floors.

Duraseal 2 Component Waterbased Finishes

Duraseal offers a high-quality two-component flooring finish known as DuraClear Max. This finish is specifically designed to withstand heavy commercial traffic and is celebrated for its strength and durability. Alongside its exceptional performance, DuraClear Max is easy to apply and enhances the appearance of various wood flooring types. One notable advantage of Duraseal finishes is their compatibility with each other, simplifying the process of creating a unified and professional-looking finish for your wood floors. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner seeking to enhance your wood floors, Duraseal DuraClear Max is a dependable choice for achieving a long-lasting and appealing finish.

Duraseal Oil-Based Polyurethane Finish

DuraSeal offers a convenient oil-based finish lineup that is favored for its ease of use. Many individuals opt for the DuraSeal Quick Dry Sealer as an initial coat, followed by a traditional oil-based polyurethane for a durable and appealing result. The Quick Dry Sealer is particularly beneficial as it allows for a quicker application of the subsequent finish layer compared to traditional oil-based polyurethane, which can be time-consuming to dry.

DuraSeal Oil Poly is a thinner finish that is known for its simplicity and provides a timeless hardwood floor appearance with a satisfactory build. It is a well-regarded choice among both professionals and homeowners, as it is user-friendly and offers a range of sheens, including matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Whether you aim for a subtle or more pronounced look, DuraSeal Poly offers options that will meet your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Duraseal Wood Fillers

Duraseal Wood Filler is a versatile and user-friendly product available in various colors to seamlessly match your wood flooring. This trowelable filler adheres well to cracks, making it convenient for filling gaps and addressing imperfections in your wood floors. Choosing the correct color of wood filler is crucial to ensure that the filled gaps blend in with your flooring, avoiding a noticeable contrast.

Duraseal’s trowelable wood filler is water-based and has a relatively mild odor compared to some other brands, enhancing the overall working experience. In summary, Duraseal Wood Filler is an excellent choice for repairing cracks and imperfections in your wood floors, helping to restore their aesthetic appeal and functionality.