lagler logoRustic Floor Supply proudly offers and provides support for Lagler products at our Atlanta, Georgia location. Lagler is a well-regarded brand in the hardwood flooring industry, renowned for manufacturing some of the finest sanding equipment/machines available. You can easily identify their equipment by the signature green color, which reflects the pride and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each machine.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to the field, you can have confidence in the reliability, efficiency, and versatility of a Lagler sanding machine. Lagler is also recognized for its exceptional parts support, and it’s a boon for flooring contractors in Atlanta and the surrounding regions to have their main distribution center located in Denver.

Many flooring professionals in Atlanta choose to take advantage of the proximity to Denver and attend Lagler’s courses. These courses provide valuable opportunities to expand skills and knowledge in the hardwood flooring industry. All in all, Lagler sanding machines are highly regarded for their reliability and durability, making them a top choice in the industry.

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Lagler Belt Sanders

Lagler is a reputable brand renowned for manufacturing top-tier floor sanding equipment, particularly belt sanders & sandpaper. Belt sanders are power tools that employ a continuous loop of abrasive sandpaper to achieve a smooth and polished finish on wood surfaces. These sanders are typically utilized in the final stages of floor sanding to eliminate any remaining imperfections, scratches, and to prepare the surface for staining or finishing.

Lagler’s belt sanders are highly esteemed in the industry due to their exceptional durability, performance, and reliability. These machines are meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of professional flooring contractors. Some of the standout features that set Lagler belt sanders apart include their robust motors, adjustable sanding pressure, and dust-free operation. They are also recognized for their user-friendly maintenance and practical accessories such as vacuum hoses and interchangeable sanding belts. In summary, Lagler belt sanders are the preferred choice for professionals seeking high-quality, dependable equipment for their floor sanding & installation projects. In Atlanta and the surrounding areas, the Hummel sander, in particular, is a favored choice among contractors.

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lagler hummel 8"

Super Hummel

Lagler Edger

Lagler is a reputable brand in the flooring industry, celebrated for its extensive selection of edgers designed for user-friendliness and adaptability to various sanding tasks. Among their noteworthy products, the Lagler Flip edger stands out, offering multiple attachments that enable a broad range of sanding applications, including rough, intermediate, and fine sanding. This versatile edger is equipped with a specialized tool for optimizing its performance in each of these scenarios. Like all Lagler equipment, the Flip edger is built to deliver durability and reliability, making it the preferred choice for professionals seeking top-quality tools for their flooring projects in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

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Lagler Orbital Sanders

The Lagler Trio stands as a groundbreaking planetary sander renowned for its exceptional capability to create flawlessly flat and scratch-free floors. As the pioneer of its kind in the market, the Trio has established the benchmark for performance and dependability in the floor sanding sector. True to the Lagler brand, it is engineered to endure the rigors of professional use and is unlikely to let you down during a project. If you seek a machine that consistently produces outstanding results and impeccable finishes, the Lagler Trio is a remarkable selection for flooring professionals in Atlanta and beyond.

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Lagler Company History

Lagler is a renowned brand in the realm of wood flooring, celebrated for its high-quality floor sanding machines that have been driving innovation for over five decades. Established by Eugen Lagler in Germany in 1956, the company boasts a rich history of creating exceptionally functional machines, characterized by ergonomic designs that offer ease of operation and maintenance. Some of Lagler’s standout innovations include the ELF, HUMMEL, FLIP, TRIO, and triple disk sanders, along with the PST (Professional-Sanding-Technology) training series, which empowers hardwood flooring professionals to refine their skills and techniques.

Furthermore, Lagler places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing accessible spare parts and local repair support in numerous cities. Safety and ease of maintenance are central to the design of their machines. If you aspire to attain Lagler certification, you can refer to their website for comprehensive guidance on how to effectively sand a hardwood floor using their equipment. Equipped with the right training and machinery, you can consistently achieve exceptional results on any flooring project in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond.