Arboritec Finishes for hardwood floorsRustic Floor Supply, located in Atlanta, Gerogia, proudly offers Arboritec’s comprehensive range of waterborne flooring finishes and sealers. Arboritec, a Swedish company with a commitment to innovation, is recognized for its durable, protective finishes, penetrating oils, and maintenance products. Despite being a smaller company, Arboritec stands out by providing high-end coatings that withstand the test of time.

Contractors and homeowners appreciate the user-friendly application of Arboritec products, contributing to their widespread popularity. The company’s fast-drying flooring finishes allow for a quick turnaround time, with the flexibility to apply new coats within just 2-3 hours. This efficiency is valued by  flooring contractors seeking time savings and homeowners eager to use their floors promptly.

Arboritec’s offerings extend beyond finishes, encompassing a variety of sealers and maintenance products. Their waterborne solutions, cherished for their ease of use and enduring performance, have become favorites among Atlanta flooring contractors. Arboritec’s distribution centers in the United States ensure prompt access to their products, facilitating a swift delivery to Atlanta, Gerogia, and meeting the immediate needs of our customers.

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Arboritec Sealers

Waterborne sealers are essential components in the final stages of finishing hardwood floors, forming the basis for a seamless and enduring finish that garners pride from both contractors and homeowners. Arboritec, recognizing the significance of this stage, provides a diverse selection of waterborne sealers designed to achieve various looks on a floor. Not only do these sealers contribute to the aesthetic appeal, but they also serve as effective sanding sealers, smoothing out grain raise and contributing to the creation of an exceptionally smooth finish. The choice of the right waterborne sealer is a crucial step in ensuring the success of a hardwood flooring project.

Arboritec 1 Component Finishes

Single-component water-based flooring finishes stand out as a favored option for many households, prized for their ease of use and versatility. Arboritec’s single-component flooring finish is a high-build, user-friendly product that consistently delivers excellent results. With a smooth flow and a beautiful sheen, it is well-suited for residential or light commercial use. These finishes are particularly convenient as they eliminate the need for mixing and are generally less harmful to humans. Arboritec’s one-component hardwood flooring finishes represent a reliable choice for any flooring project.

Arboritec 2 Component Finishes

Arboritec presents a diverse range of two-component water-based flooring finishes, each featuring its distinctive sheen. Ranging from ultra-low or no sheen to 100% gloss, there is a finish to accommodate every preference. Tailored for high-traffic commercial settings or bustling households, these two-component finishes are engineered to endure heavy use. Arboritec’s offerings in this category represent a robust and dependable choice for any flooring project.

Arboritec Miracle Oil

Arboritec’s Miracle Oil is a two-part wood floor penetrating oil specifically engineered to endure extreme wear and tear. This unique finish forms a direct bond with wood fibers, ensuring a durable and long-lasting protective layer. Notably, it is easily repairable when needed. Miracle Oil is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, making it an ideal choice for floors subjected to heavy use.

Arboritec Cleaning Kit

Effortlessly maintain your floors with the Arboritec Cleaning Kit, designed for all hardwood, engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring. The kit includes a spray mop with a built-in solution holder, simplifying the process of re-wetting the floor for additional cleaning. Durable and user-friendly, this cleaning kit ensures ease and efficiency in keeping your floors pristine.