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Rustic Floor Supply provides flooring vents at our Boise, Idaho location, serving as a vital component in achieving a polished and professional appearance for your flooring installation. When installed correctly, these vents play a crucial role in finalizing the overall look of your floor and elevating its aesthetic appeal. The choice of vents that will best complement your flooring is contingent on the specific type of flooring you have.

At Rustic Wood Floor Supply, we offer an extensive array of flooring vents tailored to accommodate a wide range of flooring types. Our collection encompasses solid wood vents in various thicknesses, luxury vinyl vents crafted from metal, and vents designed to seamlessly match engineered flooring. All our vents are constructed to contractor-grade standards, employing high-quality materials that ensure dependable performance and longevity. In addition to our standard selection, we also provide the option of custom-made vents, created to meet your precise requirements and specifications.

  • Wood Shapes Vents
  • Classic Aire Vents
  • Aria Vents

Wood Flooring Vents

At Rustic Floor Supply, we provide a comprehensive range of 3/4″ solid hardwood vents designed to meet all your flooring requirements. Our inventory boasts vents in various standard sizes and wood species, extending from dimensions of 2.25 x 10 inches to 6 x 12 inches. Among our most commonly available wood species are red oak, white oak, hickory, and maple. Additionally, we stock vents in less common species like birch and Brazilian cherry.

All of our vents are equipped with louvers and are installed completely flush to ensure a sleek and seamless appearance. Whether your project is small or large in scale, our extensive selection of 3/4″ solid hardwood vents offers a solution to suit your needs.

Classic Vents

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Vents

Luxury vinyl, often referred to as LVP, is a thin material that isn’t suitable for use as a standalone flooring vent. However, at Rustic Floor Supply, we offer a superb alternative: a specialized vent that combines LVP flooring with a casing to produce a high-quality, matching vent. These LVP vents not only offer an aesthetically pleasing look but also serve as a finishing touch to your new floor installation, enhancing the overall appearance of the floor.

While LVP may lack the thickness to function as a standalone vent, our unique vents provide an effective and attractive solution, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate vents into your LVP flooring installation.

Flooring Vent FAQ’s

Are these vents truely flush?2022-11-06T18:14:58+00:00

Yes, they will be flush to the ground and not have a lip. Self rim vents are not ideal since they will catch on things and collect dirt.

Are your vents flush?2022-11-06T18:08:32+00:00

Yes, our wood and metal flooring vents need to be installed when the floor is being installed or routered in after. Installation of the flooring vents listed are easy, if you have some expereince with a track saw, fein multitool or table saw.

Can flooring vents be stood on like metal vents?2022-11-06T17:56:38+00:00

Absolutely, all our vents we sell come with a waranty. If your vent breaks you are able to bring it in for a replacement. Our flooring vents are made to withhold 900lbs or so.


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